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Jan 2018
These padded walls contain my screams
this straight jacket contains my pain
this whole place hides the truth of my suffering
see this is who i am
i know it not think it
its also what others made me
and so they must all know
i am a monster
and now i see the only way to not be afraid of monsters
is to be one
so dont judge me
dont say im something else
only i can determine who i am
and this is what i am
mentally broken
because i determined who i am because of others
i wont be able to live without my mental damage
without it id be... dull
so im stuck in my insane asylum.... Why? to protect myself from this cruel world... it is as simple as that.... but oviasly not all of its cruel... i see that to. =)
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
     Suicide by Cop, Eevee and Connie Lee
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