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Aug 2019
Some say I'm not the same
maybe I have changed
I used to be able to tell
used to be able to know
what's wrong with me...?

Is it my face? Or my hair,
maybe my eyes do not glow
it's cause my frown doesn't show
I'm not good at my grades
but I am at the stage
I know how to act every day

I may not be beautiful
i may not be smart,
but I love them
I love you
why isn't that enough?

You say it's on me
if I explode
from the lies that I've said
to spare my sickness from your head,
and it is said it's my fault
if I end up dead

what is wrong with me!?
why do I think these thoughts
what is wrong with me?
why am I so distraught
i know I'm not special
i know I'm not alone
then why do I feel so cold?

It's on me,
they don't understand
it's my fault,
that they want me to frown
it's my fault,
less guilt on their crowns
that they want me to be happy
when they are happy
to lighten
to be ok
why are they
so two faced

But still.. it's not all of them
they are loving
they are kind
they could understand,
but I only wish
that they could see
that the pain that's in me
isn't for them
to feel

And i get it all
i've understood it all
overthought it all
every moment
every motion
all the pain
that I cannot share
there is to much I know
for me to show

You may think not
you'll pass this without a care
but just so you know
I will keep on smiling
i'll keep hiding
till you are merry
and if not
I still don't know

What's wrong with me...
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
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