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Oct 2018
Choice is a funny thing
people think one thing is a choice
but sometimes it isn't
success isn't always a choice
i mean, you cant always choose to work hard
sometimes people cant
not because their lazy
usually because their exhausted
from fighting their way threw each day

sometimes trust is a choice
you can choose to trust someone
but its like a roller coaster
up and down
along for the ride
but choose the right person
and its like a marry-go-round
yes, you may be going in circles
but its nice
and slow
with the joyful colors
and lights to brighten the ride

But trust is also funny
its a multiple way street
when trust begins to break
its weird
because you can never
ever, begin to understand the full story
were all misunderstood pieces in a game
you can assume one thing of a person to believe true
but when the true story comes too pass
its false

But its too late now,
you forgot the one important thing
your parents told you as a child
before sending you off too kindergarten
don't... judge a book by its cover.
because its funny what a smile can hide
on the outside is the bright carnival of delight
the wonderful spin of colors, lights,
and fun prancing ponies on a poll

But like an eclipse...!?
its one thing in front
but another behind

the true pain
lying within
and its sad
because we see one thing on the outside
but when you do something
to someone
or say something
to someone
you never know

What is hurting them on the inside
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
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