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Jul 2022 · 64
Just go

You’ve come to alienate
a loved one
from her path
her soul
who she can be
without you.

I’ve seen you
enslave my father,
enslave my brother.
Lost both of them
to you.

I’ve been arguing with you,
raging against you,
trying to compensate with love
the wreckage that you bring.
I’ve been ignoring you.
Trying to escape
the powerlessness
you make me feel.
Yet here you are.

Everything comes
to teach us something.
You’ve come,
again and again,
to teach me something,
isn’t it ?

I’m done with arguing,
compensating and
It’s about time I face you,
look you in the eye,
stand my ground.
I’ve come to tell you
I’m taking back my power
and say to you
here is where I draw the line.
With no excuses
or explanation.
Just because I say so.

Just go.
Sep 2018 · 179
I knew
I knew
before I
there would be grace
in loving you
Oct 2017 · 240
Riddles of life
Come, come play the game
sweet child of Earth
the game that has no name
the riddle game
the game of Life

You want to know the rules?

The first:
you always win
you always lose
that's up to you
for you to choose

The second:
there's a first
and a last day
and in between?
no one could say

The third:
Everything happens for a reason
and if you don't think it does
everything happens for no reason whatsoever
in the end, that doesn't matter

there are no rules at all

You just have to show up
and play

Sep 2017 · 198
The Artist
She's there, behind the deep blue canvas
enjoying, laughing, sensual too,
sometimes a playfull child,
and then again,
woman in love
nothing to hide.

He chooses colours
all shades of white
all tones of grey
yellows and oranges
purple pink or green
there are no rules
and if there are
he made them
to change them
because change
is his game.

Whether a he or a she
that immens spirit up in the sky
had fun today painting the ceiling of my world
giving one simple answer to my question

Look for the beauty.
That's why.

Thank you for the mighty paintings.
I'll be back, looking at your beauty.

I feel peaceful
and I know why.
Aug 2017 · 189
In stillness
In stillness everyting
awaits in warm and untold
peace how storms unfold.
Aug 2017 · 199

I've known for so long
just how much I love you
and tonight it struck me
like a lightning
just how much

Hold me, darling
Kiss me, baby
Erase them marks
that all and everyone
have left on me


I'm right here
[you say]
[and kiss]
I'm holding you
[you say]
[and caress]

there's no way
[you whisper]
[and I know]
could ever
love you
Aug 2017 · 188
Puzzled hearts
Day and night
her soul feels
love in her heart
while her mind longs
to see
through her eyes
things that people
have a hard time facing
even though it would bring light
to the day
and to the night
even though they somehow know
deep in their soul
that it's in facing these things
left in an unseen corner of their heart
that they will be able to
live life
day and night
Find it, says her heart,
find it, says her soul,
find it and release it,
and then...

look me in the eye
you'll see
the road I've travelled
the road you've travelled
you'll see me
you'll see you
you'll see light
day and night.
Aug 2017 · 627
Laugh, baby, laugh
Today the rain is singing
a rhythmic song of dancing drops
an orchestra of clouds
echoing the sweet calling

Laugh, baby, laugh

Today the sun is shining
a steady warming blanket
a sea of blinding light
whispering the sweet calling

Play, darling, play

Tonight the fireflies have gathered
myriads of them
to paint a silent portrait
of my heartbeat that repeats

Love, sweetheart, love
Aug 2017 · 402
I'm okay
Even though I know
the words you say
speak more of you
than they could ever speak of me

it hurts.

Even though I know
the venom you sputter
will make you sick
far more than it will ever get at me

it hurts.

Even though I know
the picture that you paint of me
is but the reflection
of the image in your brain

it hurts.

Such poisonous talk and attitude
used to bring me down.
It doesn't anymore.
But still

it hurts.

So now I want to look after myself
and with the loving, caring half of me
comfort the hurting half
untill we both say

I'm okay.
Aug 2017 · 216
The mighty wind of change
that carried me
all along
always urging me to search
for being
to who I really am.

The mighty wind of change
that I have sometimes cursed
when it caught me
off guard
until I realized
it blows from within
and everything it brings
I have wished for
deep inside.

The mighty wind of change
blows through the branches of the trees.
The leaves and birds just play along
showing me how joyfull
the mighty wind of change is.
Once again.
Aug 2017 · 462
Whisper to my ear
what I already know
to be the truth
within my soul.

Whisper, darling,
loud and clear,
until I hear your calling.

Whisper once again
and whisper more
for I dare not yet believe.

Whisper, keep on whispering
until I see the shining light
that's covered up in lies
inside me.

Whisper to my ear
until I kneel and bow
and to my faith

Until I remember
what I already know:
how true the calling
of my inner whisper.
Aug 2017 · 686
Let's walk in peace
Hello there
dear Shadow
I come in piece
to sit with you
and talk
in silence.

No words can tell
how I have missed your power
while you kept fighting
all my fights

I come in pieces
dark and colourful
small and tall
to fill a hole
right there
in my heart.

So will you join me now,
dear Shadow?
Let's walk in peace.
As one.
Jul 2017 · 266
Words are like blades
innocent for themselves
it's but the intention they're used with
that convey them their shades
Jul 2017 · 291
Goodbye note
And if I walk away and say goodbye
It’s not for lack of love
But ‘cause the image caught into your eye
Staring at me from above
Just doesn’t speak of me
and who I really am

I stood my ground
facing inferno
anchored inside of you, profound
like an almighty foe

And carrying my soul, my heart, my dreams,
I covered all in patient waiting
for all we shared, to me it seems,
meant far more than all you keep saying

How deeply sad this ending
that I wilfully choose
that leaves me with the task of mending
the love I thought I could not loose

Yet I am grateful that we met again
that we did write these final lines
and I sincerely hope your pain
brings you, somehow, a sun that shines
Jul 2017 · 1.2k
An Ode to Me
Or should I say: an Ode to You?
Does it make any difference? Really?
Let’s start again, let’s start by saying
In’Lak’ech Ala K’in
You are another Me. I am another You.
For that’s what’s so unique
about being Human.
We are the Same.
BECAUSE we are not.
We were created equal
BECAUSE we were all created different
with this raging desire inside
of being who we are
who we truly are
each one of us
billions and billions of versions
of creatures who can say I am
who want to know who I am
who want to define it
be being just like X
and by being dislike Y

Unlike the flower, the tree, the fish,
the animals, the mountains, the oceans
that are what they are,
we reflect.
We reflect about who we are,
We reflect about our world.
I reflect about who you are,
and I reflect who you are.
You reflect who I am.
BECAUSE on this or that, we are the same,
look the same, feel the same, believe the same.
BECAUSE in this or that we are different,
look different, feel different, believe different.
Billions and billions of reflections
billions and billions of versions
of being Human.

This comes with great responsibility.
For we need one thing
to bring this raging desire to reality:
we need to honour our differences,
we need to respect them.
From two perspectives, in fact:
from the selfish perspective
for if I want to truly be me
I need the freedom to fully express
who I really am
so I cannot allow you or another version of the human being
to shrink my universe of possibilities.
From the altruistic perspective, too.
For to define who I am
I need you, every single version of you,
to fully express who you are
in order to reflect in all it’s glory
who I am.

The more I love who you are
the more I love your differences
the more I honour you as not me
the more I can become who I am
the more I can see who I am
because you reflect it so well
just the way you are.
Billions of you.

Hence any man, woman or child
who endangers the difference
of another man, woman or child
is in fact destroying a reflection of his or her own uniqueness.
Belittle the options you allow another human being,
and you belittle your own self and your own glance.

That is how we are all connected.
Through the most fundamental right of being different.
That is how we are all equal.

BECAUSE I am not you and you are not me,
we are the same.

In La’kech Ala K’in
An Ode to You.

Or should I say:
an Ode to Me.

Marie-Hélène de Cannière, © 2016

— The End —