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Aylin Oct 2020
My fingers look at the letters on the keyboard and I’m barely able to form words.
I want to write of my pain but I can’t seem to explain.
My hero is gone and I need saving.
I feel so alone and everything keeps changing.
This pressure in my chest is getting too hot.
I hate that I can’t go to where you are.
If I were to take it upon myself I’d only rot.
So I have to let it burn, and burn, and burn.
While I constantly think when will it be my turn?
You don’t want me to think like this and I know it.
But I’ve  stopped trying to be heroic.
This pressure in my chest is getting too hot.
But you won’t give me the option to stop.
Because it’s not just me anymore.
It’s been 40 days since you went with God Dad. Can’t wait to tell my baby about you.
Aylin Sep 2020
The everlasting agony of heartbreak is what is killing me.
I’m not being dramatic when I say my heart breaks.
The more I learn to love.. to accept love.. the more terrified I am.
So scared that sometimes I think if I have nothing then I can’t lose anything.
Because it’s the everlasting agony of heartbreak that is killing me.
  May 2020 Aylin
The Wonderess
They say that I’m
Too much to

Yet they never seem
To handle me with

They say that I’m
Unable to

Yet they break it the
Moment I’m not

They say that I’m
Far too

Yet they won’t
Help me

They say I’m
Cold and

Yet they ignore
What I

They say that I‘m
unable to

Yet they are the
Ones who can’t

They say I’m
Afraid of

Yet there is
so much to
Sometimes people make as though we are unable or unwilling to love yet  they and others have treated us in a way that has made us so apprehensive to lend our hearts out. Love is a two way street...
Aylin Mar 2020
only you could get through my walls, you would think they were never there. The way you easily and gently slid in. I thought I have loved but never like this. You are my missing half. My night in shining armor. I see hope when I look into your eyes. I have butterflies in my stomach. You give me all the feelings in my heart.
Aylin Nov 2019
Loud pounding in my head.
As I lay lifeless in my bed.
with the thoughts of what was said.
How can love grow
if hate is constantly fed?
Aylin May 2019
I just want to talk.
No fighting, no phones, no half *** attention.
I just want to feel some kind of connection through our souls.
I just want to talk, but you don’t let me.
You don’t want to.
It’ll happen again.
I will leave your life
And you will say
“Why didn’t you just talk to me?”
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