Travis Weis Mar 13

Given time but not the means
Rhyme but not the schemes
Will but not the way
Minute but not the day
Bite but not the meal
Card but not the deal
Heart but not the hope
Chair but not the rope
Friends but not the fun
Bullet slides in the gun
Aim is to my head
The goal is to be dead

Travis Weis Mar 2

Light is to the eye
As sun is to the sky
A birds wing to the breath
A widow to the death
Remembrance of those who bring
Solidarity in a minor thing
Not to be forgot
Save your second thought
Late is to the time
As word is to the rhyme
Time you lost in love you dread
Ticking clock to save the dead
Not in time for whom you wed.

This poem inspired by many a great poet and romcom movies I watch to much :)

— The End —