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 Jan 2 Amber
My dear followers
I seek what you seek
Come share my shadow world
And love me at my least
I will sing a sad, sad songs
In the key of sore heart break
I'll be sure to keep my rhyme
And riddles copiously vague
 Nov 2019 Amber
/the last time
 Nov 2019 Amber
If you'd known the last time you saw me,
that we were close to the end,
would you have held me a bit tighter?
 Nov 2019 Amber
Jacob Reilly
Leave me here
On the floor
Reaching out
Wanting more
Watch you leave
Through that door
From my soul
My love, it poured
I called your name 
But what's that for? 
As you left
My heart had tore
Because you are my lover 
And I was your war
Find yourself, before you let others into your life.
 Nov 2019 Amber
In Time
 Nov 2019 Amber
I am trying to find the proper time to write
the ending that I have tried to forget.
Just allow me to re-read the past chapters that made our story beautiful.
In time, I would be able to transform the pain of our past into a wonderful  epilogue.
 Nov 2019 Amber
Mrs Anybody
i feel like
your eyes
say more
thousand words

and they
tell more
you say
part 2
 Nov 2019 Amber
ok okay
Depression is numbness
Anxiety is pain
When they are mixed
It is like fire and rain
Except the fire never goes out
And the rain only becomes heavier
3am thoughts
Depression is rain and anxiety is a raging fire
 Nov 2019 Amber
Aaina khan
 Nov 2019 Amber
Aaina khan
Every Single day feels like a struggle to get through,
and Every Single day I am just surviving and not living.
 Nov 2019 Amber
 Nov 2019 Amber
I don't know where it came from
But today
I woke up
And something was different
I felt good
And I haven't felt that
In a very
Long time
I've never felt so excited to spend a day being me
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