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Amber Aug 21
Looking in the mirror
Afraid what she might see
The person staring back is not who she’s meant to be
Another day
Another life
She dreams
Amber Aug 21
I’m standing on the outside
I’m looking in
I see the life that should have been
The walls they close around me
My heart it won’t be still
It all seems surreal
These feelings that I feel
It was all a dream
How could none of it be real
Amber Aug 21
The walls around me crumble the ground begins to shake this can’t be happening again another heartbreak .  I opened up .. i let you in ..  you were just another fake.  But I met you for a reason you were never a mistake.  Just a lesson from above but how much more can this heart take.  I’m here ..  i’m listening ..  i’m finally awake
Amber Apr 15
The second she said goodbye his heart panicked
He scrambled for the words to keep her
He finally spoke every word she’d been longing to hear
And because her heart ached for him she’d left the door cracked and he slipped back in
Now he’s home and she’s safe and warm again
Amber Apr 4
I reached out to say goodbye one last time
My hands trembled my eyes began to cry
I felt my heart breaking for the last and final time
I prayed that he would say don’t go please stay.. I love you
The words she yearned to hear never came
He disappeared back into the darkness from which he came
It was as if he had been waiting and finally this day had came
Amber Apr 4
Hello again it’s me .. not trying to bother you which is how it always seems. I came to say goodbye to you .. to release you from my strings. You’ve pushed me away so many times and somehow now I finally see
You don’t want to be bothered’d rather be left alone by me
So I think I’m finally strong enough to give you what you need
There’s no longer a hunger inside of you for me
Anything I say ****** you off it seems
It’s going to be hard to remove you from my dreams but my heart is aching for your love.. a love you’ve lost it seems
Amber Apr 4
Hello again, it’s me. Your friend.. as you’d like it to be..this title is killing me
I just stopped by to say hello one last time before I go
I love you so much .. so much more than you will ever know
For a heart like mine I know it’s hard to show
But you taught me things about myself I never would have known
And from your love and looking back I see myself how much Ive grown
I have to say goodbye to you my one and only love
I hate that it has come to this but my heart has been alone and numb
I wish that I could tell you a friend I’ll always be ..but right here in this moment that not what my heart needs
I don’t know how to act or what to say and so it seems ..that letting go of you is what’s meant to be
I not moving on with someone new which I’m sure is how it seems
My heart belongs to you.. but it’s not me that you see when you’re asleep.. I’m no longer in your dreams
So like a butterfly my love.. I’m setting myself free
Maybe someday I’ll be the person that you need
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