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Amber Feb 27
Is she really that easy to forget
Do you not think of her at night as you lie in bed
Do random thoughts not cross your mind
The smile you put on her face
The stars aligned
Do you not think of her warmth when the temperatures drop
Is it no longer her that makes your body hot
Is she not the one who makes your heart stop
Is it not her who consumes your every thought
She just a distant memory one you wish you had forgot
Amber Feb 25
I know you don’t love me anymore.. it’s just hard because I still love you... the silence is a blessing and a curse. I message you whatever I need to say and we aren’t arguing ..but you’ll never even see it since I’m the silence I see how you really feel which is helping to numb my heart.
It’s nice to put my feeling out there with no arguing about why I feel the way I do.. but on the other side of things I’ve lost you
Amber Feb 25
It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s merely just a game
I don’t want to play
I don’t want to waste another day
There must be another way
Amber Feb 25
Oh that smile
that smile you smile at me
The one where I can feel the warmth and feel the love you have for me
But it’s not real it’s a game you play to see how far that you can push me
Over the edge to a place where I can’t see
Written before the loss of you
Amber Feb 25
It’s so quiet now
The world so sill
Almost as if I could simply disappear

I open my mouth
but words don’t come out
A silent scream inside

I am numb to the pain
Or at least used to the way it feels
It’s comforting .. it’s normal.. it’s insane

You play this back and forth with me day by day
And I give in because it’s my heart that can’t see.. but my mind is who’s to blame
Amber Feb 25
Starring out a window, a light begins to shine, breaking through the clouds, I see a smile that's mine, no need to run away and hide, for time is standing still, the moment that I've waited for is just beyond the hill, a few more jerks and turns, is the most I will endure, the happiness I've waited for is comming, of that I am for sure
Written in a different time in my life .. if only I could go back to that time
Amber Feb 24
There’s someone out there begging me to let him love me
I can’t open up again my heart is locked away .. there is no key
I can’t deal with that pain again I can’t set myself free
I don’t wanna fall in love again
please move on find someone else to be your forever.. it’s not me
I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to walk away
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