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  Sep 2020 Isaac
SA Szumloz

Why do I even grow if the winds
******* off my humble branch?

Why do I even show my true colors
If the seasons change them accordingly?

Why do I even live with love if people
Are going to sweep my brothers away?

I am more than just an aesthetic.

I often wonder how leaves feel throughout the course of the year. Do they want to change their colors? Do they want to die in the winter? Do they want to grow back in the spring? I don't know. They don't talk!
Isaac Sep 2020
i smile
for i know
atleast we stare up
the same moon
Isaac Sep 2020
i am obsessed with the sky
mainly at night

i love to stargaze
as soon as the stars appear
until my eyes
can no longer handle being awake

i love long walks until my feet can no longer handle a single step

i love long conversations
until my vocal cords
can no long handle
another vibration
hello i am isaac
Isaac Sep 2020
"I don't believe in magic,"
the young boy said,

and the old man smiled,
"You will, when you see her."

- a t t i cu s
and i saw her
Isaac Aug 2020
the moon
is so pretty
i hope
she knows
i adore her
Isaac Aug 2020
would be great
maybe not forever
but for a while

for i can feel their pain
for i can feel their joy
for i can feel how their life is
Isaac Aug 2020
But I watch your eyes, as she
Walks by
What a sight for
Sore eyes
Brighter than a
Blue sky
She's got you
While I die
by conan gray and i think it's beautiful
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