timmyxholiday Nov 13
i just know that the water is bad.
i just know.
i will never turn that tap on.
cos i just know.
the water.

you gotta have the courage to be terrible at things

^ proof i'm mad brave
timmyxholiday Feb 26
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timmyxholiday Feb 13
and he put the last ****** to the canvas
a tear fell
his wife called forth the family
now mostly unknown to him and generations younger than this,
his masterpiece

it was finally finished
so many of his friends had passed on to wherever they believed
and now so could he too
and so he called him
'It's finished' he said
'I will make the arrangements' responded the voice
and then the master smiled and left.

and in the great hall in the main room it hung
freed from the decades of it's creation
and people would walk by and say
'oh my ***,'
'what type of wood is that frame made out of?'
'I don't know,' they would say, 'but it looks cheap.'
and they would move on to the next masterpiece
timmyxholiday Jan 23
all the silent brides
centuries of silent brides
'but i made you dinner tonight'
timmyxholiday Jan 23
new wrinkles
old you/th
a long time
in short grass
gonna make this into a song
timmyxholiday Jan 23
a day not owed to deities
what a day it is

— The End —