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Ananya Apr 2021
What if I tell you a story
deeper than a true love’s kiss,
One in which the truth prevails
and it leaves your soul abyss?

What if the mistress of evil
trusted a human once,
An innocent girl who left her solitude
just to watch her wings get burned.

What if Ursula’s deal was fair
all she wanted was to sing,
Are only royal blood allowed to dream
Is that why she was banished by the king?

What if Snow White was in pretense
a girl who helped others mend,
And right after the poisoned apple
Evil Queens heart was under her bed.

What if villains were just humans
without lamps or slippers or prince,
They live without a fairy Godmother
and are deprived of fairytale endings.

They don’t get a knight in armour
or magic genie on the street,
They survive all alone
waiting for their demise to meet.

They walk on broken shards
while the princess attends the ball,
Can you blame them for wanting
to watch the fairest of them to fall?
Ananya Apr 2021
“Do you believe in destiny?”, she smiled
“Only when you stumble upon it.”
“And what if it’s all planned?”
“Keep dreaming”, he smirked, “You’ll soon enough quit.”

“Romeo was bound with Juliet,
star-crossed lovers till the end.
In death, they found one another.”
She stared at him unready to bend.

“Star-crossed lovers, you say?
I say it was serendipity they met.
And one was fortunate to see the other,
right before their tragic death.”

“You’re not going to believe are you?”
“Is it in my destiny to?”, he asked.
“We will meet again if it’s written”, said Fate.
Coincidence smiled, “Only if we meet by chance.”

— The End —