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 Nov 2016 Seb Tha Guru
Jay Heart
My heart cries out for you..
Im standing here stuck with nothing to do
Nothing to say no where to go because your love is the only think i kno..
Trial and tribulations are almost set up for me to go through when im trying to do everything in my power to make things right between me and you..
Baby im sorry i know i messed up..
I know i crushed you,,
But I apologize for my actions and i hope you will give another chance to love you,,
Love you and treat you like the true queen you are..
Glowing like a light and shinning as bright as a star..
My heart,,my rib,,my spine,,my lungs,,you are all i need,,
Without you my love How can i breathe..
How can i  see anything other than "WE"
Its been you and me since the age of three.
My heart cries out,,i scream and i shout,,
I Love You oh God You know i do
Please tell me how i can make this up to you...
My heart cries out...
 Nov 2016 Seb Tha Guru
Jay Heart
This knife it cuts deep
Watch everything inside come out
This wound is exposing me
Watch how my words bleed out
You've seen my whole world float through my veins
Look deep into my eyes and you will recognize the pain
What i have held in so long is now free
The love, the hate, the trouble, the joy is bleeding out of me
Im Bleeding......
You waited for the storm in my eyes to pass
and wreck someone else’s home for a change
you waited
ever so patiently
until it became a routine chore
but if you had looked up for more than a second
you would have realised that
Winter raised me
**I am the storm.
 Jan 2016 Seb Tha Guru
 Jan 2016 Seb Tha Guru
Trying to understand it all.
Always looking for answers.
In your head you keep thinking.
Staring without blinking.
Making choices.
Hear good and bad voices.
Finding peace in your heart.
Let your soul unwind.
Only the hardest prison
to escape is in your mind.
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