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4.5k · Feb 2018
The Brampton Way
Seb Tha Guru Feb 2018
Remember days bagging up some minerals.
Trying to find the toys in our cereal.
Now me and Don hiding from the ops like we federal;
Getting kinda hungry, not for food but for miracles.

I’m just thinking bout the old times.
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
With TDS, for success, keep that in my mind.
And summer eighteen, promise it’ll be mine.
2.3k · Sep 2018
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2018
Blessed I’ve been with God.
But I’m stuck in the winds.
How much for your soul?
Come pay for your sins.
Nowadays I can’t trust.
It seems so hard to win.
I don’t want to lose myself, amongst these mortal men.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with more dedication.

Stuck within my flaws.
Smoking, have no wind.
Summers over, now it’s cold.
I've lost so many friends.
Nowadays I can’t trust.
And I cannot pretend.
If I ever lose my health, I’ll self destruct again.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with anticipations and dedications.
1.6k · Aug 2018
Seb Tha Guru Aug 2018
Vital tensions.
Don’t hit me after reading this saying you loved my poem.
They all hate your actions whether quiet or in the storm.
Racing but behind me, I’ve studied all of these people’s form.
Destined for success was written when I was born.

Met a lot of rappers, they’re actors but don’t rehearse.
The ones I thought I needed are really going from bad to worst.
Just for a recovery, I’d have to do magic first.
And that ain’t all real, so there’s nothing to make it work.

Took a break for weeks but it only felt like some days.
I had to learn resilience, was taken out of my ways.
How much for your soul is a question asked every day.
They don’t ever notice it’s written within their face.

Faded, feeling jaded nowadays,
No man is clean.
Really can’t keep track of who plays for any team.
Take them to the playoffs and still get traded off schemes.
Now every single good heart’s taken into extremes.
I was left for dead to question what I believe.
Now I have no desire or motives in making peace.
Forever knowing now to not trust anybody I meet.
Leaving me to know that there’s nobody like me.
1.5k · Apr 2018
Seb Tha Guru Apr 2018
Everybody, wants to figure me out, Everybody wants to understand.
All of these people just want super powers.
They all wanna feel like the man.
I got the touch like I’m Midas.
I got the powers, it’s all in my hand.
I feel like Lebron when I’m wit the team;
I'm trying to take us to the land.

Everybody knows who I be.
S to the E to the B.
Writing poetry.
Im lonely.
Think I’m out of my mind;
things been getting that deep.
I can’t sleep.
Hungry for what’s in store.
Hope it’s success that I reach.
Or, I just might Leave..
1.4k · May 2018
From Me to You
Seb Tha Guru May 2018

****** been watching me, wow.

Blowing my high.
I get no replies.
But my number one question is how.
How does it feel?
Now that you told.
Shut the **** up.
The ***** getting old.
How do you know?
What I be feeling.
And what I should do.
How about you don’t.
How about you just get the ******* ****.
How about you read this and never forget.
People aren't worthy of knowing my ****.
Now that I know, I won’t do it again.

Feel like a sin.
I'm all on my own.
I wish that y’all would, just leave me alone.
Trapped in my thoughts.
They don't have a home.
This is realer than raps.
Realer than poems.
1.4k · Dec 2018
Shot Clock
Seb Tha Guru Dec 2018
A new year is coming.
We want all the money.
Telling every woman bag back.

We was lost.
We fell off track.
Let's hope we do not relapse.

How could I worry about shot clocks, when I’ve been fighting just to make it to the playoffs.
Getting fired and hired and laid off.
You’re too focused on materialistic and pretend things.
Trying to impress your friends and these women.
I say all the time let’s move different.
This won’t fix none of the things that I’ve mentioned.
The relationship’s more like tradition.

We fight and don’t talk but we're moving on.
I still stay to myself, I’ve been traded on.
I can’t rush into something I keep my patience.
But you’re giving techs, fouls and a flagrant.

We know I can hit me a buzzer to win the game.
But why would I win just to feel pain.
Trying to fix myself and my mind-frame.
Stay true to myself in my own lane.

We all know these other women all want me, but I act expensive yet they all adore me.
To tie the knot won’t complete this story.
Better tighten up, soon they can afford me.
A couple of years of dating.
We on thin ice like we’re skating.
Don’t want to break, I’m just saying.
Believe it or not, I’m not faking.
Spent my whole life for this training.

For shot clocks...

So you can keep timing me or move along.
I should be writing a better poem and songs.
Self centered, you’re right and I’m always wrong.
If anything, you’re the one taking too long.

For shot clocks...
1.4k · Jan 2016
Sun Wo(Man) part II
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
Driving north, going to the city.
Looked and did a double take because I saw something pretty.
Almost got into a wreck now thinking where am I in the first place.
But caught the girl's attention now I'm at first base.
Hearing from all of my friends I got the juice.
They say I should write a book on how I get these girls loose.
They should call me Dre two stacks, it's like I preach and they admire.
But if I can pull this girl,
I'll retire.
Now I be thinking every day, just to save us both, I will need to put up some baracades.
Paranoid, every time a girl walks past me.
Because I got the juice and every girl's thirsty.
But te problem's never that I'm driving,
The problem's that I be texting,
When I said in my last poem I got a girl that's a blessing.
Texting and driving down love highway,
But I rather take I-85, and sit stuck in traffic in my disguise.
Driving all alone so stretch all my limbs.
So instead, I'll speed in my eclipse in my all black timbs.
Thank God for the sun.
Thank God for me.
The word man is in sun woman but hard to see.
So when the juice god gets her, it turns to night time.
And that's when, we play slow songs and bring out wine.
And every one is uninvited.
Kicking everyone out.
The party's in here, and I don't need to go out.
Now I'm sitting all alone judt watching the sun set.
Thinking to myself, being a juice god will do that.
Send her to the moon and back.
Good wood will do that.
The juice injection to the sun is way to deep.
That's why the sun goes down, it gets dark, we all sleep.
These type of people are hard to find, that's why we all keep.
If you can't afford to find one then your standards too cheap.
Sun Woman.
A Segway to sun woman. Basically the guy has the cliche' story of getting all the girls. He has "the juice" the sun woman changed his way but at times he is still a male and is feeling himself, fall Into temptation feeling cocky because he has a good girl eeryone wants at home and by his side changing his life but pushing his luck to the max by messing with other females still.
1.2k · Jan 2016
Dear Family
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
Dear family
I know I always seem busy
The devil is trying to get me
I'm M.I.A
And I know that you miss me.

I'm sorry that I've been distant.
Seems everything changed in an instant.
My life is so inconsistent.
I don't know what I'm missing.
Family time, I really don't mean to miss it.
My life it's needs some assistance.
I guess my mind is in another place.
Thoughts off in another world.
I started seeing another girl.
Went up and down man what a world.
But now.
I'll focus on my crafts.
Slowly go up old rafts.
This poem's heart felt that I bestest could finish te draft.
This poem's to the ones I love.
The ones that I miss.
Wish it could all just be cured with a hug and kiss.
Sometimes I go up to the lake just to reminisce.
Of all the things I shouldn't have I know it's a list.
Meanwhile, I'm caught up in my self, in my world with no neighbors.
Stay to myself even if I get handed some favors.
Haven't opened up in a while.
Maybe since I was a child.
When's the last time that I smiled.
Drive in my car Til it's on E.
Resorted to consanants and vowels.
I know they wonder what I'm doing.
What I really be persuing.
Hopeing I can save myself.
Some relationships I've ruined.
Some days I wake up and just ask what am I really doing.
They say family is everything, I feel as now it is the truth.
I should spend more time with y'all.
But I spend it living out my youth.
But it's everything I love.
And it's everything I need.
Family love's the cure and drug even though it not ****.
Seb Tha Guru Apr 2017
Up at a time that I shouldn't be.

Thinking about things that I shouldn't be.

Sad about things I've been sad about for a couple years, I been low, I been down and out.

And it cost funerals of love, had so many doubts.

But I'm still here, moving forward on a different route.

I would give it all up, to make it all work.
I wish I could say, that they knew my worst.
End of the day, it's my gift, my curse.
At the end of the day, I know my worth.

Through everything,
I love you shawty.
You know you do me *****, shawty.
I need you to make me, happy.
Over you, there will be nobody.

Think about each other when we shouldn't be.
Missing all the past when I shouldn't be.
I be on the go.
You be on the go.
We go back and forth.
Different road
They don't know how it goes
But still I got my pride
Knowing I don't wanna be alone.
Certain times we disagree and you just let it all go.
But you're sitting right beside you though.

I'd kick it with my friend and I'd make it all worst.
But still I tried to hide it but show my worth.
Seems you putting my last, but many say first.
At the end of the day I know your worth.

Running in the streets when I shouldn't be.
Trying to make it off of writing poetry.
Loving all the things that I shouldn't be.
Knowing that it only should be you and me.
I was feeling blue.
Didn't have a clue.
Trying to figure out what to do.
And I'm losing you.
Soon I'll do a show and I'll glo'
With you in the crowd.
While I'm speaking loud.
And deep down, you are really proud.
Coming this spring, Ima fling
Ima Seek my dream.
And no matter what, Ima love you through everything.
Seeming to be speaking about a female. But the woman I'm speaking of is.. Life and no matter what Ima love my life through Everything.
1.0k · Sep 2016
10 Day
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2016
Dream works; Lion King
Simba talks to Mufasa.
That's when I pulled my pants up, and started fixing my posture.
Then looked up above.
I struggle with love.
Struggle with hate.
Hard to debate.
Leave and change when I fall But I still wanna participate.

22 in 10 days.
Turning 22, in 10 different ways
A different shade.
A midnight black, to a faded gray.
I opened this chapter.
Dressed for the rapture.
Run and tell master.
While they're telling Ima take it all to the pastor.
Or am I dreaming?
Wake up Wake up.
Time to break up, from the shake up.
Don't let em see you down,
Get dressed,
And put on make up.
I'm evolving.
Starving like Marvin.
Sky is still calling
My name ain't Jim Jones, but one day I'll be ballin'.

Will I give back?
No looking back.
Dashing that.
Getting older now; getting bigger, steady hungry trying to pick up the pieces.
Pledge of allegiance to the money now.
Now and forever.
Finesse, but I'm still not that clever.
One day I'll be; probably never.

And nowadays 22 is still declared young.
But that won't change me from growing, I won't settle for none.
Nowadays 22 can feel old or feel young.
With these 10 days left I know it's better to come.
10 days before I turn 22 from this date. I've grown so much. This poem is to show I've entered a new chapter in my life, with my career, thoughts and everything involving me and the world around me lately.
985 · Oct 2016
I'm Only Human (More Life)
Seb Tha Guru Oct 2016
I've been up for hours, not really my choice.
I sold myself short, thirty percent off to the devil, I constantly hear his voice.
This isn't my life.
I should've settled for two kids and a wife.
But I got complacent.
Everything in those moments felt good so why not.
Now I sit.
In the dark.
Depression deep down, I can feel it to the bone.
With nothing to call my own.
I really wanna go home.
Other side of the country just trying to build my own;

I've made too many mistakes.
However, they all made me;
Blurred vision when I think of destiny.
Or maybe it's the fifth of Hennessy.
Why can't I just jump and know for a fact I got the remedy.

More life.
More juice.
I'm seeing two sides of me, but switching up or pick and choose.
I'm staring at a tree trying not to eat forbidden fruit,
While I'm sinking in the ground, could I be meeting my roots.
Maybe I should freshen up and clean my Georgia, Henry county unfilled shoes, just to get,
More life.
But I'm Only Human.
924 · Nov 2018
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2018
Thinking you’re the man and the plug like you’re kool.
Until your kids and family are getting followed home from work and school.

Better get up on your night job.

Some will press you and not even want your work.
Just want to see if you're about it.
From the dirt.

They're putting my brothers on a shirt.

Not even in a casket or a Hearse.
They’re getting cremated, not even given back to the earth.

It's making me question my worth.
So I medicate.
When I should meditate.
How much for our souls?
That was even the intro for my mixtape.
And lately I've been falling out with friends so it’s hard to take.
Some can but most can’t relate.
These days there’s no need for a debate.

Experiencing and talking from this perspective couldn’t even make me whole anymore.
But, I’m still around.
I smile, learning to love what’s mine.
I guess it’s true what they say.
I now know that love is blind.

But never mind that.
We're back on that player ****.
Heart jaded.
Hanging wit the homies and getting hell of faded.
Intoxicated love.

I drove around the block twice, just to find somewhere park.
I stumbled, trying rush and get ahead of my already lucky start.
Acting dumbfounded but yet I’m smart.
I'm learning to be top shelf, and put myself on the chart.

However now,  I no longer care.
Stay in the house, and grow out my hair.
And truth be told all along, I was fully aware.

Trying to become the best poet.
However, my self esteem doesn’t show it.
While I took this time to write a new poem so no one, not even myself could quote it.

So now I read with my head down.
But after this, again I will lift it.
I had a conversation with fans, and they told me I was gifted.
Now look at all this weight that I done lifted.
863 · Jan 2016
Sun Woman
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
She's more than just soft **** to this cave.
Make my hotline bling, I want your left hand.
Really, the second to last finger beside your pinky
I bet you looked at your hand and started counting saying wow like you had an epiphany.
Hot as a chimney.
I mean hot as the sun.
Potentially, everything that I need, the chosen one.
You can meet the homies.
Scratch that,
You'll meet my sisters and parents, the rest of my family, from cousin to grand parents.
Oh baby
you drive me crazy.
You got the body of a Benz.
And If you had a twin,
I'd do a quadruple take running my front bumper into an end.
Do you have some cute friends,
Just like you.
Because, we can take them to meet my homies, make it do what it do.
Beautiful in every section.
Can you tell from this *******.
You kinda stole my heart like a corner gets interceptions.
I wanna show you off, make you Instagram famous.
If you're already not
Everything about you's contagious.
Make me feel so good.
My life goodly outrageous.
Got the power of the sun, you got me writing poetry pages.
Never felt this way with love.
Feeling so brand new.
Bless to have someone like you.
She shines light like the sun glow
No matter what, she's beautiful from head to toe.
She even make me say "nam myoho Renge Kyo."
Make me say big words, listen ad song Justin Beiber songs.
Quote Kendrick and Drake and write verses for you all night long.
Like I'm lyrical,
Make me even get spiritual.
Sing and give praise to God, like I believe in miracles.
Beautiful to the soul, I love all of your ways.
Was blind sided and star struck just from your sun ray.
Sun Woman.
READ SUN WO(MAN) right after. They Segway one another.

Shout out to my brother A. Young
795 · Jul 2016
The Growth
Seb Tha Guru Jul 2016
In Alabama just thinking about my life and ****.
I thought the poetry was over but I keep writing ****.

It's really crazy how life changed and rearranged.
The time span of a year, nothing at all the same.
Finding the light in the tunnel, look what I've overcome.
It's the beginning I promise I'm no where near done.
A couple months ago I wondered how would I survive.
I prayed to God every night now look where I've arrived.

Can't get complacent, my time is coming full of success.
Once done with all of the training, it's back to TDS.
Constantly hearing "I'm proud", silently or out loud.
Not too long ago, I only thought I was a problem child.
Cut short the sleeper.
My thoughts deeper.
I'm feeling wild.
Don't even have the same crave for a black and mild.
Once used the money and the women too much for motivation.
Keeping the family fed is now the recreation.

Know I've been gone for a while, I know I'm really missed.
Don't think anyone that knew me thought this would exist.
Sometimes I'm feeling like my life is just a simple movie.
The go getter, the super soldier, but still wonder who's he.

I'm just a rebel.
Who shook the devil.
Who won't settle; for nothing until he conquers everything and gets his empire up out the ghetto.

Things are different now.
I can't lie, my vision's too big and bitter sweet
I wanna sell out shows, sell clothes, do meet and greets.
I'm rambling, I need to cut it short, it's getting late.
I wanna be influential, no longer slept on and make you all awake.

Back in the day, I would never do this, I'd rather hide.
But you can look deep into my eyes and see they're full of pride.
The ones who aren't in my corner now, they must've lied
It doesn't matter, sit back and just enjoy the ride.

TDS will forever be the label.
I'm just putting all of the pieces together as I set the table.
Left home for the summer to come back with a couple grand.
Tired of chasing a check so now I swipe or have it all in hand.
This is my first poem that I've written in quite a while.
And truth be told I may just like this one the most.
To my new day and my age this is just the toast.
I made goals with myself, this is my own oath.
I'm loving the tree I've planted for us and you can see my growth.
786 · Nov 2016
No Life November
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2016
I Never imagined this.
Everyday I'm getting older.
This California weather and myself both just got a little colder.
Deja vu.
My whole body see through.
Don't even want to go outside anymore.
Wishing and living Godspeed for my existence.
I'm far from perfect, which is why I can only speak to and relate to the lost and distant.
I Love You Through Everything will get my back consistent.
I've been a historical disaster for longer than this instant.
I had to leave before the summer was over.
Pack my bags along with my heart and threw it over my should.
Move forward.
Find yourself.
A cross between being too emotional and being emotionless.
Bottle it all up and put it in the cold keep safe is all I know to not crash the ship.
But defense wins championships.
Make it to what feels so close.
To only find out I'm loosening my grip.
Can't even trip.
Pick up the pieces.
No Life in November, that's the feeling and date ironically the thesis.
I lost a lot.
I need more.
I need more drink.
Need more ice.
They say take chances in life so for once I rolled the dice.
But I lost one major but I'll forever at least try to fight and stand tall.
Was I working too hard?
Not enough...
Or not at all?
749 · Sep 2018
Blurred Lines
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2018
Nothing is the same.
I don’t know where to draw the line.
Said I’d never love again, but gave another try.
Anything will bother me, they said it heals with time.
I know that this is temporary.
I know that one day, I will be fine.

Kissing isn’t the same.
No longer touch and to love, I’m blind.
Crazy how I use to think that you were so sublime.
Tried to run your course.
I even took detours on mine.
a hard place and a rock’s where I’m between, but I still climb.

So many prices I have to pay, to right my wrongs, correct these crimes.
Thought I’d never see these days, I can’t stay out my own mind.
Can’t seem to get out of my own bind.

I'm standing in the dark.
Somehow, I’ll find a way to shine.
With you and many other things, I wish I could rewind.
While you continue to get drunk off wine.
And no matter how I feel,
What I say,
What I do,
No matter what I try.
I’m wrong every time.

Tell me where I should draw the line?
744 · Feb 2016
Sad Boy part I
Seb Tha Guru Feb 2016
We fake it Til we make it,
work, while everyone doubts.
I was dreaming big things but was asleep on a couch.
Thought it was all coming to me,
Had it all figured out.
The other day, I had had a dream my granny gave us her house.
This year I tried to drink a little less but end up at bars.
My thoughts and reality didn't stretch far.
Wishing that my confidence was build just like my car.
Trying to find something with a meaning just watching stars.
Coming out the bay, feels like nobody gets far.
Struggle Til you find your way,
Nothing big, it all seems small.
But one day I hope to strike gold.
And accomplish life goals
Travel all around the globe
Get paid off my words and clothes.
I have enough money so I can buy nice things.
When it all boils down, is that all that I need?

Don't know what I'm so sad for.
Why on earth I got the blues.
A lot of people want to be in my shoes.
Don't know what I'm so sad for.
Things cannot be that bad.
24/7 I just walk around mad.
Don't know what I'm so sad for.
I should stop acting like a ****.
Find my niche, become famous, man work.
Don't know what I'm so sad for.
Just stop crying homie
Write more.
727 · Dec 2018
Golden Bolden
Seb Tha Guru Dec 2018
Lately they’re tripping on Seb.
Lately they all want him dead.
Lately he’s been taking meds.
How much for your soul wasn’t theirs.
Look at the horns and their scared,
like I was the monster that’s under their beds.
When they were kids,
their dreams are deferred, in humbling waters they tread.

Lately I haven’t been smiling.
Putting my mind in alignment.
Thoughts are real loud but I’m silent.
Don’t have the time for rewinding.
Lately I haven’t been joking.
Keep to myself, and I hate being open.
Lately I haven’t been smoking.
Hit me a black and a ***** start choking.
Picked like flower, I’m chosen.
Heart feeling jaded, I’m broken.
Shy but my poems’ outspoken.
All of them serve you token.

I sit all alone on these rainy days;
Earthly temptations are getting controlling.
Sooner or later I’ll fade away, but for now I’m just waiting my moment.
656 · Jan 2016
Materialistic (The Dreamer)
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
I took a trip down Dreamville.
So if you're reading this, it's too late
I already pimped a butterfly while sippin' on ***** sprite, two of them.

I found myself talking to a man name Lucci.
Confused by his name but star struck because his whole outfit was Gucci.

I had Nicci with me, I kissed her every now and then.
She isn't my girlfriend but to the world I pretend.
Until the end, until death does us part;
I smoke and drink alcohol til my head is cloudy and I drown my heart.
Telling myself this is the end, but really it's only the start.

I want drug miney.
I want new car money.
I want fresh start money.
Can buy famous art money.
Unfortunately women cry and pour out their heart to me.
Then tell me how much how much they hate it they are apart from me.

Time and time again I slip into  flaw.
I get angry for no reason, you can tell by the clinching of my fist and my jaw.
Forever leaving people in aw, and somehow they still wonder.
Can barely find a meaning or scratch the surface; I'm too deep under.

Little did I know, my alarm went off and I awake to a new day.
Missed phone calls and messages and all of them are just to say hey.
No reply.
We ask why.
Some cry.
Sometimes I feel like I want to die.
That's probably the reason why many think I;m shy.
No more see you later's, just a farewell and good bye.
The truth and things to endure for life cannot be seen by the eye.

Somehow I see it all.
Ashes to ashes, one day we'll fall.
But through it all;
I get down on my knees and make a call.

I put everything behind me, yet my back is against the wall.
653 · Dec 2018
Seb's Love Haiku
Seb Tha Guru Dec 2018
She is love and pain.
She is evil and spiteful.
She is my future.
647 · Dec 2015
Saliva (Part I)
Seb Tha Guru Dec 2015
Conversations with Tyre and Don D.;
How life is short and success is coming upon me.

An empire building up, started out with a tree.

Destined for success, how could it be hard to believe.

Take offense to the shots taken, I can not be sorry.
My words attack like Rambo, first name is Bacarri.
I'm in a chess match fellas, you playing Atari.
I saw my future; I was rich and I drove a Ferrari.

It's funny how stories switch when you not around.
I just looked below and you still level the ground.
Read this how you want to read it, you don't need my sound.
I guarantee that little smile just turned to a frown.

A gram slam.
I say Wham, Bam and thank you ma'am.
The ones taking this to heart should report it as spam.
I heard about the conversation with Renia and Sam.
Yet, I'm still undefeated but no relation to Cam.
It's funny how it all started just over the gram.
When Sam could be the Gina and treat the other like Pam.
They say that I should just speak my mind, Well, guess I am.
Hard headed.
Worst behavior.
I'm a drooling, drunken Ram.
572 · Aug 2018
Caliber II
Seb Tha Guru Aug 2018
A lot is being said but no addressing.
A lot of feelings involved, but there’s never a confession.

Realizing there’s a lot in my possession.
After dropping the tape, now using God as my protection.
Whether light or the darkness, there’s always more than one lesson.
Pent up aggression has us building walls in every section.
Leaving nothing but so many questions.
But there is no question, I done got out the oppression.

I’ve really had real snakes of people in my grass and entrance.
Continuing to be in dark spaces with the demons could’ve gotten me a sentence.
The grass has been mowed so please tell me how low does it go.

But little did I know all of that was just the beginning.

Seen this movie too many times and know where it’s headed.
This is Gods timing young man, he even had said it.
I've fallen back so many times but never got the credit.
I was down for a long while but now I don’t regret it.

I really wanted to..
You can fill in the blank.
But those who know me, know I actually never tank.

Too smart for my own good,
maybe I was ahead of myself.
Maybe the lotto and top picks can’t take me to shelves.
Maybe being guarded up and jaded is bad for my health.
I don’t have a poker face, I make the best out of the cards that I’m dealt.

I stopped compressing myself, and I started healing myself.
I can now see through all of y'all and see through myself.
Don’t even have to write any more, I can speak for myself.
Learning to love through everything, how could I ever get ahead of myself.
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2017
I was raised,
in the outdoors.
Next to you and her.
One man holding a hand gun.
While She was giving birth.
To a younger boy to be just like you,
we still wonder what that's worth.
I wonder if you ever knew you was a role model to me first.
Some days I'd wake up in the morning, to see you in papers and the news.
While I'm looking in the mirror realizing I've got everything to prove.
You'd tell me;
You'll have the torch after me,
just grind hard and do you.
Which is funny now because I would only see myself in the rear view.
563 · Oct 2018
Seb Tha Guru Oct 2018
I wrote these poems on a summer night.
I was high off life.
Grinding making better music;
out here trying to spread the movement.
Want to show love, but you need improvement.
Don’t even know the real meaning, you need to hit up google.

People are really dropping out on both sides.
But I don’t worry, our team has mob ties.

My pen’s been working, I write your recent rhymes and all mines.
Speaking on me is something that they all tried.
I guess y’all just making moves on y’all own time.
Just know, this coming January there will be no replies.

A short poems for once.
No more story telling and 30 for 30’s.
But I have banners around room to retire all of your jerseys.
544 · Nov 2015
DayToday I
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2015
On this day, I drove around with a quarter tank of gas smoking a black and mild.
Just reminiscing on the early days when I was just a child.
Listening to OVO sound, radio, you can check the station.
I keep my moves silent, you should use it as demonstration.
Nine times out of ten I'm out here messing up my own image.
My old behavior was life practice, so now is this the scrimmage?
These days, I'm letting God handle all things above me.
I see all my actions as show and prove situations and no longer give pieces of me away for free.
Trying to perfect my crafts to the T.
Words and thoughts so beautiful to me.
Are mine unusual to see?
Giving myself a challenge, see the defensive fighter in me.
Say you like my poems, well I can print you one to read.
Because when I thought of it, I was going on a driving around cruising spree.
538 · Jan 2016
Dear Father
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
Hello father
Don't mean to bother.
How are ya
I know that you're mad at me.
Forgive me please man you atta.
You gotta.
Is what I am I want to perish.
Every conversation I cherish I'm trying not to be spiteful of all our small talk.
I know we're over due a long talk.
And every where you go somehow people know you are my dad.
It gets me thinking about incredible moments we've had.
But on the real I'm trying so hard not to bug you.
But do you think you can stop nagging at my drug use.
I'm two weeks clean.
No longer a phean.
I'm 21 but yet I feel 16.
And I love you I swear.
You know I know you're there.
And when the time is right, you know that I will take care
Of anything we need, in our family.
I started writing poems, when I do shows will you stand with me.
Can I get a little money for my new honey that's hell of fine.
And I forgot to mention I got divorced from my job and my last dime.
My mind's going crazy but outside I look calm.
Everything is running out from time to my lip balm.
Disappointed but never leave me.
I will need ALL your love and the word whenever the devil just gets me under pressure.
521 · Nov 2015
Teacher's pet. (Junior)
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2015
That time was such a year full of excitement.
Sitting in English class writing poems and enlightenment.
Even though I was soft spoken I found myself as a teacher's pet.
After hearing these words you would think I need a vet.
Was the trending topic on every male student's mind wonder if the teacher figured that out yet.

I'd never been one to read my thoughts and writings out loud.
Until she pressured me one time to the class and after said she was proud.
As minor as it seemed, over timed it became major.
Now far as poetry writers and rappers in our graduation class I am called the savior.

Was so anxious to go to class, especially when that project was due.
Was my first piece of poetry work, classmates called me Guru.
The whole time, this teacher knew and said I was destined for success.
Now I have this profile and forming a group called TDS.

Why'd I feel like a teacher's pet?
Because in my head this teacher was my school mom.
Because of her you can type in my name following a dot com.
Even though she helped and was kind and loving to every other student,
I took her kindness, words, and light she shed on me and turning it into a movement.

Sat a couple seats down and smiled at me during graduation.
Every time you spoke to me about my writing you made me feel I could conquer my generation.
I never did much is class, except read what I've been writing every time you would ask.
Knowing to myself you could believe in me and encourage me as a teacher like no other.
Believe it or not, you re-birthed me in my writing form, you're my linguistic and poetry mother.

Sooner than later she left.
Rumors he and her family moved to France.
After a long while I decided to take in your words of consideration and give this a chance.

To make a long story short, you are truly adored and missed.
No longer a kid, I'm grown now, til this day you're appreciated so I had to display this.
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2017
Had a conversation with Midas;
It got me thinking different.
Lebron James flow, I guess that y’all the witness.
I’m contemplating so much, it’s hard to write a sentence.
Early stage of my twenty’s, yet still I feel a menace.
We blur the lines of life and death whether it’s right or wrong.
But I love you through everything;
still I’m holding on.

And for so long I just been locked away.
Been writing in notebooks trying to find my way.
Midas sat and he told me I shouldn’t sell my soul.
You need to just get the ball rolling, you getting old.
Your heart got cold, sat in the freezer on the early days of summer, to chill, now you writing but against your will.
And I’m crying.
And on the inside I’m dying.
Every body says be strong, and believe me I’m trying.
Midas said that I be lying.
To get infatuation.
I wiped my eyes and I asked how to change this situation.
He said it’s your destination.
Change up your formation.
And stop all that leaking on the internet about complications.
Found that open door.
But you don’t wanna walk thru.
I love you through everything should’ve dropped; somehow I thought I lost you.
But later it will cost you.
Know you feeling kinda awful
Ima come back and see just where this conversation got you.
But I didn’t tell it all.
I figured I would call,
And tell Midas I’m focused and I’m ready to ball.
While I sit, just all alone in a empty hall.
As all of my mishaps are posters on the wall.
501 · Feb 2016
Within Time
Seb Tha Guru Feb 2016
What's up.
Been a minute since we kicked it I've been been caught up.
With them *******.
We don't get it.
We're a star love.
You shouldn't have to deal with that.
I shouldn't make you feel like that.
She loves me.
She loves me enough for the both of us.
That's why,
She trust me.
She know I've been thru more than most of us.
But what am I..
What am I.
What am I.
So afraid of..
Dodging  you.
I can give but I can not take love.
485 · Dec 2017
To The Top (2018 Intro)
Seb Tha Guru Dec 2017
For 2018 I made a poem and toast to em all.
She say she love me but I know the truth, you been hit by my dawg.
Lately I been feeling crazy so I ain’t been answering calls.
I just been getting this money and saving low-key, keeping my back on the wall.
I been trying hard not to fall.

Going crazy, I been feeling the rage.
Last year I was stuck in a cage.
This year I’m going all the way.
Staying humble I been easing my pain.

Lately ain’t nobody watching.
But hate on my drip.
They wanna ride on the wave.
Creep on my page.
But I’m Low-key.
I haven’t posted in days.
My whole team is coming, can't eat with us.
All of us tough like an armor truck.
But I’m riding solo, it’s one on one.
Toast to us all, everyone of us.
477 · Oct 2016
Desert Ops
Seb Tha Guru Oct 2016
Sitting all alone, trying not to fall apart.
Why do I hate so much with all this love up in my heart.
Suppose to be flying high.
With my head up to the sky.
Far away, I'm on my own, staring st the crash phone, guess my minds gone.
Middle of the desert.
Ain't got no time to dust off.
Uncomfortably living, how much does this life of mine really cost.
Seeming close to nothing.
Need to find my niche or something.
Soon as time reveals, I'll pump it up like I'm Joe Budden.
But still cooling though.

Cooler than a ceiling fan.
In life, I'm just the middle man.
Chase your dreams they said, so I did but I never ran.
Now I'm sitting in the stands.
Hide my face, I use my hands.
Snapped back to reality and kept walking in the sand.
468 · Nov 2016
Sunshine One Day.
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2016
I lay
My head
Against the headboard.
The months on the first day; 1k.
But yet still I'm needing more.

And they say
It's no way
She can stay
With someone, like me.
But she tells them no.
There's no way
She can stray
Gotta stay
With someone, like me.
Because she knows one day,
I can take,
Her away
Far away.

One day I will pay;
With all the money, I make
And there'll be plenty of sunshine.
467 · Sep 2016
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2016
It seems like blessings keep falling in my lap...

I make poems for free, more so really on freedom.
Obstacles and demons surround me, Somehow I beat em.
Inspired by Chance, so I'm taking every chance like a rapper, moving through the chapters while doing my praising dance.

I started from the bottom.
Now I'm here, not the top.
Clothing brand, book and album, all ready to drop.
Jesus loves.
Jesus saves.
While we're stuck in our ways.
Let's all catch the wave, pray, hope and smile for better days.

Basically training but I've graduated.
Like the last kid getting picked, but I participated.
Patiently waited, for elevators, now I'm taking the stairs.
With every step I'm growing up that's why I cut my hair.

I'll give him praise, all the way til I'm gone.
Hopefully before deceasing, the family is on.
We'll eat good.
Thanksgiving, yet it's misunderstood.
Blessings on blessings forever, falling down like they should.
442 · Jan 2016
A Growing Pain
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
Constantly hearing dad, fussing, cussing
My mind is under destruction
My heart and soul in combustion
But I rather not have this discussion
It's nothing

My mind's racing.
Everything is complicating
I'm wondering, what should I do
I'm lost and don't have a clue

I need Nicci
Where is Nicci
Baby girl please come and get me
Everything is getting tricky
And stuck in stress mode strictly
Just maybe once,
I can just find my way and then open a door
Without me slipping and failing landing on the floor
Maybe or
I can hit the lotto, take care of my people
Sad to say, that's just a fable far from the sequel.
Maybe not,
This made me strong
Even thought my journey is getting long
Ride along
Am I wrong
These feelings even helped me just write this song.
Will I fade
Sinful made
On blurry roads trying to get paid
Feel afraid
The past is haunting saying I should've stayed
But I run
Loaded gun
Skin getting darker just from the sun
Ain't no fun
When my own self is dead to me, when will life ever be heavenly
Thought I was cool
Such fool
Feel like I'm skipping school
What to do
What would you
It's like I break every rule

When will I
Fall over the edge
Head in the clouds I'm swinging my legs
Feeling like everything for me is dead
Thought of this all while laying in bed
Feeling so dead
Everything's red
I'm losing everything except my pride
Wondering who on this journey will ride
Questioning why
Need more lines or can you feel my vibe.
436 · Nov 2015
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2015
I've realized we are the same.
I've realized we are all different.
I've realized the man in the mirror.
I've realized Myself.
I've realized you.
I've realized love.
I've realized lust.
I've realized lies.
I've realized truth.
I've realized words are all I have.
I've realized hatred.
I've realized a girl.
I've realized feelings.
I've realized anger.
I've realized sadness.
I've realized heartbreak.
I've realized good and bad health.
I've realized you once loved me.
I've realized I still love you.
I've realized only the higher power can bring you to me.
I've realized I have to do what I gotta do.
I've realized my friends.
I've realized enemies.
I've realized care packages.
I've realized poison.
I've realized money.
I've realized being broke.
I've realized drugs and alcohol.
I realize a joke.
I've realized ***.
I've realized making love.
I've realized the stars.
I've realized the dirt.
I've realized I can keep going.
I've realized I don't know much.
I haven't realized what I am destined for.
I haven't realized I could have the Midas touch.
I haven't quite realized life.
I've realized it's not fair.
I've realized I always want necessarily  what I can't have.
I've realized everything will one day vanish into thin air.
432 · Oct 2017
Heal and Rebuild
Seb Tha Guru Oct 2017
I use to think I needed a break from love.
Now realizing I need it more than ever.
Wear my heart on my sleeve and compliment it by throwing on a sweater.
Running like Usain Bolt through the pressure and the weather.
Saying to myself I can do better.
Knew better.
Vendetta against myself.
Don’t know my wealth.
Was in a dark place knowing my lifestyle decreased my health.
My process is just to heal and rebuild.
Protective of myself but should focus on my damaged shield.
Young, wild and free
And I’m reckless; I don’t wanna yield.
Living fast as ever as the world was my playing field.
Needed to slow down, before I get killed.
So I disappeared and wrote about it and all of a sudden I chilled.
428 · Jun 2017
California Jail.
Seb Tha Guru Jun 2017
Stressing for some days.
Then I caught my case.
I been on the run trying to give myself some time to think.
Sitting in my room, all I did was drink and pray.
Call home twice a week and tell my people I'm ok.
They ask me if I'm stressing, I'll say hell no I'm straight.
But they can tell I'm different because it's written all in my face.
I been working out.
I been gaining weight.
Been having dreams and nightmares about my death and case.

Ain't nobody send me no mail.
Stressing with my back home girl.
Trying to see and conquer the world.
But it all is seeming like just like jail.
Writing down my plans, hoping I don't slip again.
Drop some money on my poems and books and trust me I'll bounce back again.

Things aren't looking good.
But still I keep the faith.
While I'm sitting up in California, trying to fight my case.
Running through this maze.
Just miss my mom and daughters face.
I come out every weekend out my cell just to party and to drank.
Back and forth with peoples words and court,
They talking bout some rank.
I ain't did that since with the homies I was raised.
Everyone across the country,
They seem so far away.
As I'm sitting up in California, trying to fight my case.
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2015
Immature to the gospel, because I only clap and stand when everyone else in church does.

Are the evils of Lucci around me?
Or in me?
Perhaps I'm his disciple.

Premature and oblivious to the Lords word at times.
Is that why I often self destruct?
Trying to convince myself my sins are forgiven; it's too many for me to even understand or get a grasp on.

My words fall on def ears,
Loud mouths,
And only a few sincere hearts.

What's my purpose?
What's my calling?
My destiny.

Running until I can't anymore.
A voice of voices.
An atom of a huge and growing generation.
A sample and strand of the youth.
One of God's unthinkable number of loved and sin forgiven children.
423 · May 2017
Thoughts of Death
Seb Tha Guru May 2017
I'll probably die anonymous.
Or die with broken promises.
I'll probably die drinking some henny and drowning out.
I'll probably die crying with tears that never came out.
I'll probably die thinking, not trusting my intuition.
I'll probably die young from making some bad decisions.

I'll probably die buying some drugs while I'm on leave.
I'll probably die from wisdom in things that I once believed.
I'll probably die taking the long way from school.
I'll probably die thinking me and some homies was kool.
Or probably die from women because I don't pay attention.
I'll probably die with lethal injection for doing ******.
Or die from getting jump cuz her family told me don't hurt her.
I'll probably die serving my country in military.
Hearing just some of my fears,
Death to me is no longer scary.

To be continued..
415 · Jul 2016
911 (Hell is calling)
Seb Tha Guru Jul 2016
People and soldiers loosing lives got me scared of loosing mine.
Nothing I can change, but I think about it all the time.
Truth be told, I'm a target myself we all just wanna shine.
I have yet to even reach my prime.

Small facts but in reality this topic's major.
Was forced to scream out I'm a death dealer and a hell raiser.
Prayed every night, hoping the lord forgives me for my sins.
Playing the cards right but still not guaranteed to win.

Plenty times Lucci tried to become my best friend.
But I love my father and there's no way that I could let him in.
He reached out to me with all I wanted and ever needed.
Sadly I ran with it, but turned it good and still succeeded.
Before that, he stripped me from what I wanted.
Nowadays, those things hit me and I feel haunted.

I replied to it all with slight reaction.
Went from stressed to blessed I made it seem like a simple action.

The fire rises, I heard from someone I once idolized.
The devil was taking me under by surprise.
Sometimes I'm proud to admit it.
Nothing can save me.
Nothing is safe.
I fall to my knees for forgiveness,
Hollering and screaming,
Dial 911 in seconds my phone's ringing...
377 · Oct 2018
Seb Tha Guru Oct 2018
You don’t like my hair.
You don’t like my face.
You don’t like how I talk.
You don’t like my taste.

You don’t like how I think.
But I still ask why.
You be on my back.
That why I get so high.

You don’t like how I’m quiet.
You don’t like how I dress.
I may seem like a menace,
but I clean up my mess.

You don’t like my page.
You don’t like my songs.
You don’t like my poetry.
You only string me along.

You can’t feel my heart.
You can’t clear my head.
After a couple more writings,
I’ll be long gone, dead.

You don’t like when I’m outside.
But you don’t like me blue.
You ignore all my pain.
This story ain’t nothing new.

Trying to no longer let you make me sad.
Tired of back stabbing friends, and people making mad.

They say time heals all, but I guess that’s one thing we never had.

But I have..
Worser things to stress.

I was trying to be so blind.
Learning how to be kind.
But contemplating up in my mind.
Why did I hang around some fakes.

It took Mac dying to get a phone call.
And to be honest, you was better saying nothing at all.

But I'll keep it all inside.
I will laugh on my own.
While you and your little clique stays scavengers at my throne.

Wrapping up another writing then I think of something strange.
It’s funny how, everyone you bought around said they was the same. Little did I know, you all would change.
368 · Jun 2017
I'm Writing
Seb Tha Guru Jun 2017
There's no change in the leaves.
Broken trees.
Tried to climb every single one and all I got was blood on my sleeves.

Yet I was aware.
This is the last time I ask what's around there.
Brushing the dust and the dirt out my brown hair.

Lately I'm weak in the knees.
Getting real hard to believe.
Every day starts off with grieve.
Why's it so hard to achieve.

But everything I can handle.
Holding on to a handle.
The only light I have is a candle.
**** inside but I'm handsome.
Forever trying.
Forever crying.
Forever dying.
Trapped inside my thoughts but I'm always writing.
I'm writing to who understands...
348 · Aug 2017
Walk by Me
Seb Tha Guru Aug 2017
The eye beholds my paranoia.
To California to Georgia.
I mastered the pressure that seems forever and hazardous.
But still they say back and they laughed at us.
I'm back picking up the pen cuz I need to write my wrongs.
My condolences and apologies for these poems.
I remember that first day of coming home.
I tripped but I did not trip on things I ain't know.
Unfamiliar faces made me nervous.
Wanting to commit convicted court cases for the disrespect of restricted territory.
I needed a get a way after all.
Now I'm popping heavier on Percocets,
for all the headaches I'm about to bring.
Somehow to this life I always cling.
Immature and ******* is what they all call me.
It's like I was coming home from the pen, but from the army.
If I can write all my wrongs maybe they'll bloom before I'm dead.
But instead that bullet hit me in the head as everyone walked by.
308 · Jun 11
Seb Tha Guru Jun 11
Back in the booth
Ready for truth
This ain’t nothing new
Just something to do.

In the quick sand of life,
got me stuck like glue.

Got me thinking, should’ve turned this to an interlude.

Now I’m back in the booth.
Hope you’re ready for truth.
This really isn’t nothing new
Just something to do.

I love you through everything.
I’m no longer the muse.
Its got my ****** like,
**** what’s gotten into you.
303 · May 2018
The Reply (INYTST Outro)
Seb Tha Guru May 2018
April twenty-five he arrived.

A whole month early man I’m glad that I survived.

Didn’t think that I would see my son alive.

Nothing but God,
screaming thankful as I cried.

Everything I once had felt is numb.
Everybody saying that the things you do are dumb.
Remembering when I was eighteen.
Money, Cash, Hoes;
I was living big dreams.

You really gotta give a boy a chance to grow some.
All these ****** taking like they know something these days.
They be acting woke but they broke.
I respect the world, but you all tripping these days.
Actions and scenarios got me surprised.
To tell you what you should do, who the hell am I?
I hear they acting up, I wonder why.
Won’t trip, listen good as write all my replies.

Sit down old men, let me talk wit ya.
Like Cole I’m tryna paint for you the bigger picture.
Congrats because you got a new grandson.
All the ladies saying he is handsome.
I see your brew is cold and the pack gone.
I got some good advice; you should quit pourin’.
Cuz that’s the way to prosper in this father game.
I’m tryna be respectful, put you on game.
I hear your words and I know perspectives change.
A lot of people say that that’s a bad thing.
The month of May, so things are getting hot now.
Being wild and free is the **** that’s hot now.
Me and Young been on the rise with a new wave.
But never mind that, that’s just a Segway.
I must say, I’m unimpressed with the things you say.
But love to see a black man get raised.
And plus you’re feeling proud and I respect that.
But really have you ever thought about your impact.
J Cole gave me sight, I made it big enough.
Ima teach him why it’s hard because his skin’s black.
Don’t wanna see you mad.
I really wanna see you chill.
Just thinking bout new life, it’s giving me a thrill.
But deep down somewhere **** it, I need to keep it real.
I wish I knew your thoughts and exactly how you feel.
When your kids grow up, you should be growing up too.
Not dismissing the fact that this chapter’s brand new.
You thinking bout your life while drinking I don’t blame you but you not thinking bout the people looking up to me and you.
I can only assume with clues.
That you got better **** to do.
You should’ve bought a house with all that money that you blew.
I know that you don’t think about the things that you be doing but your nephew looking up to you, I’m telling you it’s true.
One day these little babies they gon grow up.
And get a custom to your ways and your load up.
Now your house is looking dead cuz they don’t show up.
Which unfortunately means them kids done grown up.
Now you run around asking them what’s happening.
But you forgot that they grew up and saw how life could end.
Now you got the blues.
And you going through regrets because you could’ve did better on your revenues.
Now you got no jewels.
And you old news.
And a bunch of fake friends but I don’t judge you.
I’m just telling you it’s probably gonna happen in some seconds, let’s the kids eat the breakfast cuz,
it’s bigger better ways to The Top.
I really do wish you good luck.
And hoping for your sake that you ain’t dumb as you look.
But, if it’s really true what y’all be saying and y’all call yourselves talkin behind back then I promise that your ******.
I’ll be around forever.
Father skills on tip top.
If you wanna get schooled,
Or wanna get popped.
Just remember what I said before my writers block.
And if not, everyone gon have some tear drops..
298 · Mar 2018
The Vital pt. 1
Seb Tha Guru Mar 2018
I said I put a lot of things behind me but,
I lied so..

My life is complicated.
I’m lost in this generation.
I mean..
I hate my state of mind.
I’m lost like a balloon trying to find its way,
And you see..
Today is my birthday.
But I’m trapped in my mind,
I can’t seem to ever have a good time.
I’m not the type that you bring home to mama in my opinion.
I’m damaged goods I must say.
I’m woman crazy.
My body’s lazy.
And that’s no where near it all.
I been in sadness for years just hoping soon you would call.

I wish I had someone that would love me.
And I mean really know and love me.
Like, effortless.
But I’m so blind and messed up from another chick.
And that along with everything else caused such a riff.
Now my ex and everyone around me has the power.
Now I’m guarded and get faded for hours.

But I mean..
Besides crazy, got anger issues,
I’m spoiled and I;
Run from my problems when I’m the only thing that can solve them.
I sat one time all alone but with a full revolver.
My life is out of order.
I lost my faith in some things,
Mainly in pure love.
I’d sell my soul just to have your heart but that ain’t enough.

While I got missed calls from any and everybody.
Don’t wanna listen to anybody.

It’s so many reason why I’m complicated.
I mean..
Or maybe I’m just high again.

That’s really only the other feeling that can help me while I try and fill up this space.
Until I’m sitting in the mirror staring at my own face.
Wiping all my tears on a day to day base.
I got so much sadness and hatred running at everyones’ pace.
This is my last poem before I lock myself all away.
It’s complicated.

Writing and losing feeling.
Of heart breaks and commitments,
A couple catchy songs with my brothers;
It would be nice if you listened.
Or even ever read my poetry.
Behinds those words is a broken me.
I can barely see, what my future holds.
Im no longer chasing hoes, I’m trying to find the yellow brick road.
But lost awareness.

Now I’m a drunk.
Now I’m a pothead.
And all the seeds I planted, they are now dead.

Having mood swings like the weather that’s floating me.
I no longer wanna be.
I swear it’s complicated

Don’t drown yourself pretending to be deep.
It’s too complicated.
And I can’t swim but I rather drown in her sea.
It’s so complicated.
Should I retire and settle down from writing.
It’s too complicated.
284 · Jun 5
Furnace 41
Seb Tha Guru Jun 5
I’m shady because I want more?

I’m the snake because I chose not to slither?

I wasn’t built to fit in your circle anyway and for years you didn’t encouraged me but laughed when I was “out of shape.”

I didn’t even want the last laugh, I ended all my moves pretty shallow.
I thought the grass was mowed so tell me, how low does it really go?

See from this love village a boy grew a rose from his own soul and soil with no water or seed from his fellow peers.
To only realize, he was prince all along and when he tried to show others the way
They ignored him.

As times goes on, the circle gets smaller.
We will never forget The Marathon Continues.
However, everybody can’t go.
Everybody isn’t built nor ready for this race or this fast pace.

Still painting my pictures perfect, they never needed us.
We couldn’t get inside the doors but now they’re greeting us.

Ash to ashes.
Burning dust til dusk.
Only love we see through the lust.

More than just a poet, these words aren’t enough.
281 · Jan 12
The Review
Seb Tha Guru Jan 12
I was the one with the dreams.
I was the one with the schemes.
Battling things on my own, feelings alone but I had a whole team.
I never said anything.
Move in silence, do my own things.
Trying to find my way to millions.
Trying to spread my own wings.

Bad habits for daily routines.
I’m always running from therapy.
Losing my balance while searching for clarity.
Now, they tell me I lack motivation,
I was just anticipating and waiting.
Waiting for timing and something,
I had no clue what it was and somehow I was losing myself.

Reforming my brand, destined and full of success.
Branches but aren’t any leaves.

I needed help.
I wouldn’t accept it, people were turning their back on me.
Act as if it didn’t matter.
My insides were shattered.
I stay to myself and now look what I got.
Use to think I was worthless believe it or not.
Now I really open my notebook and jot.

Praying for Dre because they want him to rot.
Praying for Seb because he wants his spot.
Pray for Amodre, he messed up his shots of going to college, succeeding and winning a lot.
Maleek doesn’t know if he’s human or not.
This clarity came and it got myself closer.
I needed closure from things I was burying deep down inside while destroying myself.

Grow out my hair.
Stack up my wealth.
Practicing loving myself and my health.
Watching for snakes, I’ve been working on stealth.
Playing the hand and the cards that I’m dealt.

Built for success.
Been on the road of becoming goat, I must confess.
Passing the tests that the lord has given before disappearing to catch up on rest.
275 · Nov 2018
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2018
Baby I want to get faded.
Drown in your love.
Drink til I’m drowsy.

Baby I need me a get away.
Smoke til I’m noxious.
My thoughts getting cloudy.
But darling, your loves over rated.

So for now I’ll settle with wanting to get faded.
Seb Tha Guru Mar 2018
Lately, I been in a different mind frame.
I been writing poems trying to change the game.
Lately, I been thinking bout the bigger picture.
Thinking that my ****** really ain’t my ******.
Lately I been feeling I should give it up.
Thoughts be on a high while I smoke a blunt.
I been scheming.
I been tweaking.
Heineken drinking.
Making plays through the week and chilling on the weekend.

Lately I been trippin I been acting different.
I been acting fake busy, I been working on the mission.
Been feeling bossy, Randy Mossy,
Shout out P Rock.
**** these, suburban *** ******, go hang on the block.
My mama and my baby mama say I’m acting distant.
But really, I just been taking care of most my business.
For TDS,
**** all the the rest,
Like it’s no other way.
I been Lowkey, ain’t made a post in days.
I’m talking 1 week,
2 weeks,
Maybe a month.
I been stuffing all of my demons in the back of trunks.
Tryna put my son and sisters in a good position.
So they ain’t gotta worry bout no other *****.
I’m trying to teach them now not to trust ******.
I’ll be everything they need,
They can count on me.
Don’t worry bout them they with me
I’ll be all they need.
Just know if you cross them;
Then you cross me.

It’s Pressure.
This for all the people that’s gonna rep us.
Everybody telling me I’m next up.
I gotta stay strong through it all
And act like I ain’t going through it all.
Through this pressure.

But the devil is the driver;
I can’t get no higher.
Asking how much is your soul to be the top buyer.
Him and the angels in my favor, they point out the liars.
Down to the wire,
I’m the decided,
Seb now retires.
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