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Aug 2013 · 1.1k
If I Showed You My Heart
The Whisper Aug 2013
I wish for one night, everyone could see,
What lies inside my heart. What lies within me.
It's the truth! Unwithered, but hidden for years.
Pain, sadness, and all of my fears.

From every single girl that didn't give me a chance.
From all the ones who laughed when I asked them to a dance
From all the ones to told me, "I don't see you that way."
From all the times I thought, "I'll **** myself today."
The pain never goes away.

From all the girls who called me, "ugly" and meant every word.
From all the girls I want, but I know I'll never have.
From the countless times that I've tried to show them who I am.
From all the times I was left behind for someone I can't be.
I curse everyday that I am me.

Is me in the future, dying all alone.
Without someone to love me, or even call my own.
Death is no longer at the top of my list.
He would be my savior from this life that I live.
What a curse it is to be me.

Unwanted because I'm ugly.
Unwanted because I'm nice.
Unwanted because there's others.
Unwanted because of who I am.
Have you ever wished for day,
That you could be someone else?
Anybody but you.
Anybody but yourself.

Every **** day.
I just wish I could be them.
The ones who are always wanted.
The ones who are always loved.

I spend my whole life wishing that maybe,

Just maybe...

For just one girl....

That I could be enough.
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
A Smile
The Whisper Jul 2013
Should you forget that smile that you wear,
So lovely and warm, at home,
Remember these words, you kind-hearted soul.
Happiness lies where you roam

It lies in your heart, and it's up to you,
To brighten up the day.
To help out a stranger, a friend, or a neighbor.
Kindness goes a long way.

Just help an old lady crossing the street,
Ask her, "What's your name?"
Give her a hug, and show her your smile.
Trust me, she'll do the same.

Smile at a person that you think is cute,
And even if they glare,
Give em' a wave and continue your day.
A smile is something to share.

And don't be afraid to make weird faces,
At a baby, or a kid.
Just remember to smile and play for a while.
They'll remember what you did.

We are all human and life is quite short,
So enjoy it for a while.
Seize the day! Be on your way!
*Just don't forget to smile.
Jul 2013 · 512
These Hands
The Whisper Jul 2013
My hands,
Idle hands.
Empty and soft;
Harmless, don't you think?

Take a second thought;
What have they done?
These hands,
Idle hands.

From palm to palm,
He marks them red,
And then he gets,
Inside your head.

The Devil dwells,
In silent minds.
What you will seek,
You should not find.

Before you know,
Your mind will go.
Your deal is sealed,
The curse will show.

Your hands,
Idle hands.
The Devil roams,
Unseen by all.

But now you know,
The Devil's code.
Our hands.
Idle hands.
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
The Whisper Jul 2013
What dreaded curse has engulfed us all?
Surrounded by those who need us the most.
Their eyes are hollow and their words are empty,
As they call to their neighbors for a helping hand.

A man who is trapped by the vice of addiction,
Cursed to perish from this horrid affliction.
A pregnant young girl who is eating for two,
Abandoned by love she believed had come true.

They still bear smiles from time to time,
But we put them down for who they have become.
We judge them and scorn them for what they have done.
But we are the ones that did this to them.

Our way of life has destroyed many dreams.
Competive nature in its very seams.
Selfish in nature, no problems equate.
On the words I held back, I will suffocate.

So many times I've reached out a hand,
But changed my own mind in exchange for my pride.
I've held my chin high to ignore those below,
And I have become a part of the norm.
Jul 2013 · 1.7k
The Whisper Jul 2013
I playfully imagine sewing my eyes shut,
As frustration and anger rise within.
The solace I sought was a battle away,
So I lay in my sheets and accept my defeat.

To win such a battle would come a reward,
That all equal men accept every night.
To lay my own head upon a soft bed,
And drift off to sleep as if I were dead.

To dream, any dream, that my heart could ever want.
To explore, see, venture, and try.
Yet here, eyes open, is where I now lie.
I beg the madness to answer me, "why?"

Am I doomed to be an owl of the night?
To lurk in the shadows of a waning moon?
Why is my escape unavailable to me?
How long will the nights continue to be this way?

It feels like my sanity is eroding away,
And the lack of rest is causing me pain.
The bags of my eyes grow heavy and full,
And I plead for a God to end it all soon.

I dream for a dream and I lust for sleep.
Just a minute of rest is all that I need.
Sleep is my master, for it controls me,
As I lie in these sheets; a man of defeat.
A piece about my frustrations with my sleeping disorder.
May 2013 · 881
The Battle Within
The Whisper May 2013
Few are quite willing to go off and fight,
The sadistic and evil, in the name of what's right.

But all of us struggle as we try to attain,
The lives that we thirst for amidst all the pain.

We live with decisions that often defy,
Our own moral codes on how to get by.
We search for so long, for what makes us strong,
for what makes us weak, and where we belong.

And just when we think that we've gone through it all,
That we've gained all the knowledge of what might befall,
Reality and Life return to their places,
Keeping us guessing and changing their paces.

Our minds and emotions like to play games,
and we search for our scapegoats in place of our blames.
With this, come frustrations that continue to grow,
Disrupting life's peace and life's even flow.

The scars from these battles are not easily shown.
Hidden as secrets; remaining unknown.

The battle within is the struggle of one.
In place of the many; in place of the gun.
May 2013 · 681
The Love of a Friend
The Whisper May 2013
The pride to my shame.
The fuel of my flame.
If life is a target,
Then you are my aim.
The calm to my storm.
The cool to my warm.
Together we fight,
Against all the norm.

You stand beside me,
And you help me see,
The infinite choices,
Of what I could be.
I'll stand beside you,
Happy or blue.
A living reminder,
Of all that is true.

You see on my face,
The pain and disgrace.
The remnants of guilt,
That I tried to erase.
In you, I confide.
All ******* aside.
When I am with you,
There's nothing to hide.

I see in your eyes,
Beneath the disguise,
The purest of hearts,
In fear of demise.
There's nothing to fear.
Though it isn't always clear,
Should you stray from your path,
I will always be near.

Our friendship is fate.
From the way that we prate,
I can tell our connection,
Will never abate.
Our lives, they conflate.
Our wisdoms equate.
Imagine the wonders,
That we can create.

The void has been filled.
This friendship, we build.
We look to the future;
The both of us thrilled.
So here I will stand,
In reach of your hand.
The greatest of friends,
In all of the land.
To my dearest friend, Brianna. (Yes, she's a girl.) May this poem calm your fears and fill your heart with happiness, as you have done for me.
May 2013 · 605
What A Journey
The Whisper May 2013
As I stared beyond the stars,
In the dark night sky,
My questions were answered,
With every breath, every sigh.

Was I losing my mind?
Where was my head?
Am I even living,
Or already dead?
Am I feeling the energy,
Of the power above?
What is the true meaning,
Of all that I love?

At the edge of the Universe,
I saw a reflection,
Of all my own memories,
In their own little section.
Then I fell off the edge,
Into a sea of dreams.
Tearing my reality,
From its very seams.

Then I snapped back to Earth,
And it was surreal.
No words to describe,
Just how I did feel.
My existence was fading,
And had become whole.
Absorbed by the cosmos,
I entered my soul.

What a journey, it was!
Oh, the things I did see.
I was one with the Universe,
And the Universe was me.
A recent experiment with psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms or "shrooms") inspired this piece. What a journey it was indeed!
May 2013 · 570
Eden 2.0
The Whisper May 2013
Playing back in my head,
The moments I dread.
Souvenirs of the past;
They refuse to be shed.

A second at last,
To sail at full mast.
To explore in my sleep,
My mind that is vast.

Deep in my dreams.
Strange as it seems,
The moments rush back,
Like white water streams.

Consumed by the black,
Like a ****** on smack,
Eden is gone,
Through the strength that I lack.

Weak as a fawn,
To the darkness, I'm drawn.
I painfully wait,
For the glimmer of dawn.
Inspired by the song "Eden" by one of my favorite bands, TesseracT.
May 2013 · 950
The Pain
The Whisper May 2013
Since I was a boy, I've always been told,
That one who is selfless has a heart made of gold.
But I have discovered from the wise and the old;
Selflessness grows from the heart of the bold.

I offer advice to the ones I console,
Yet something is missing; my heart isn't whole.
Behind my own barrier, there lies a big hole.
Deeper than deep and right through my soul.

Would you like to know why?
Why I sulk and I sigh?
The pain in my heart leaves me wanting to die.
Helpless and lonely, no matter how hard I try.

I wake every day, without a scoff or a moan,
Faking my smiles with a face made of stone.
Within lies a man that is sad and alone.
Like a King without a Queen, a crown, or a throne.

To top it all off, there is this one girl.
One of a kind, like a precious pink pearl.
Whenever she smiles, my head's in a whirl.
Leaving me breathless and wanting to hurl.

I clench my fists when she mentions a date.
Leaving me angry and full of pure hate,
But in an unnoticed and quite subtle state.
If only she thought I was perfect and great.

Some call me stupid, others say cold.
Some even feel I deserve a good scold.
Say what you want, I'll never be sold.
Pain's a small price for the selfless and bold.
May 2013 · 650
Hello There, Young Miss
The Whisper May 2013
Why hello there, Young Miss,
You look lovely today!
How about a small kiss?
And a walk by the bay?

Where the waves touch our toes,
Under the cold sand,
As a warm breeze blows,
I will reach for your hand.

I'll adore your cute smile,
And hold you quite tight,
For as long as a mile,
Or until it is night.

It's up to you, Beauty.
I swear I don't bite!
Answer me, cutie.
Are you sure you're alright?
May 2013 · 3.4k
Procrastinating Stoner
The Whisper May 2013
****, I'm really high.
Why did I bother getting ******?

****... I'm REALLY high...
The end of senior year is close!

****. Why did I get high?
**** held me back for a year...
Of sitting, and staring, and staring, and sitting,
And laughing my *** to tears.

The *** became a small escape.
Like Superman without his cape.
Or a homeless guy with a 40 oz drink.
****, what am I saying?!

****! I'm high.
There's work to do?
But **** that ****.
I'll chill for a bit.

And it's back to work for who?

Hopefully, my high ***.
So basically this is a little comedic narrative I wrote high off my *** when I had homework to do and I was too lazy to do any of it. Just imagine a guy, high out of his mind, telling himself these things word for word. I think it's pretty funny.
May 2013 · 2.4k
A Sad New World
The Whisper May 2013
What a world that I live in.
Oh my, have the times changed.
The 21st century, so glorious and new.
Society's changing and it's not well to do.

Strange religious cults that spew arguments of hate.
Condemning our soldiers, government, and state.

Young teenagers lust without a care in the world.
Ignorant to the consequences that can be deterred.
They give birth to lovely children whom they cannot feed.
Too busy partying and fueling their own need.
The need to feel loved, or young, or alive.
Consumed by desire and refusing to shrive.

With the presence of drugs, crime is on the rise.
The stealing, the killing, the fooling, the lies.
*******, ******, ****, Crack.
Young women are ***** by addicts in packs.
The corruption of those who swore to protect,
The very same people that they choose to neglect.

The big name companies make the products we buy.
Thirsting for money until we all die.
Some are expensive, others are cheap.
But all the big companies call us, "the sheep".
We follow the trends and lust for what's new.
Believing what they say even if it's not true.

I'm young and I'm curious; an observer of life.
Feeling the love, and avoiding the strife.

What a world that I live in.
How ugly can life be?
Because in all these sad truths, I see a reflection of me.
Living in in this world; the new turn of the century.
May 2013 · 529
A Moment To Share
The Whisper May 2013
Skin that is as lovely as a warm summer day.
Lips as luscious as a fresh strawberry.
A body that Athena would loathe you for.
My desire for you burns like a shot of tequila.
Hands that are made to fit right into mine.
Arms that rest on the nape of my neck as we kiss.
Pulling me closer to the place I want to be.
The scent of your hair drives me madder than mad.
The rush of horomones that course through my veins.
As my lips find their way the side of your neck.
As my hands find their way to the small of your back.
As our faces touch and we feel what we have.
Mutual feelings of intensity that we cannot describe.
Your voice says you love me.
But your eyes say so much more.
The wall has come down and our feelings are pure.
Time has stopped and I've forgetten the world.
For all that exists at this very moment is us and our love.
Since one of my love poems is my most read and liked poem so far, here's another one. I'm sure we can all relate this to a moment we shared with someone we love or once loved.
May 2013 · 528
Living to Die
The Whisper May 2013
In a world as complicated as humans themselves,
Perception is key for a guy like me.
A guy who looks in instead of looking out.
A person that's clueless as to what life's about.

Do we live for the money so that we may survive?
Or do we live for the good times with the laughs and the smiles?
Do we live for the love that we save for another?
Or do we live for our families as fathers and mothers?

Do we live for the ***, the drugs, and the pleasure?
Or do we live as sinners until Hell's frozen over?
Do we live for the power that we gain over peers?
Or do we live as followers, mindless sheep, or deer?

To these, I say nay, for I've discovered the truth.
To live is your choice, whatever you choose.
I live and I learn, I learn and I die,
Into the void, behind my own eyes.

And whatever may come after my last breath,
I shall not fear it for it isn't the end.
Whether it is or it isn't, I'll never be sure.
But whatever it is, I'm there to endure
The Whisper May 2013
Little one, you happy child,
Little do you know,
That as time passes and as you grow,
That happiness will surely go.

Your smile will fade into a smirk,
And eventually a frown.
And you'll turn it back from upside down,
With many drugs in your local town.

Whether you're at the bottom of a bottle,
Or at the end of a pack,
Maybe even a ******* sack,
It'll be too far to go and turn back.

So little one, I toast this to you.
To a really bright future of unhappiness too.
Filled with loads of drugs and kegs of brew,
Maybe even a lover, but you'll never know who.
May 2013 · 738
Cures For Boredom
The Whisper May 2013
Another cancer stick to fuel my addiction.
It's society's version of an acceptable affliction.
I love the buzz, the taste, the flavor.
It's like pills and uppers to a whacked out raver.
I enjoy a fine smoke, like now, or when I'm high,
Patiently waiting for death to come by.

Roll another joint, pack another bowl.
To be amongst the stars is my one true goal.
Up in the sky, far beyond the moon.
High as a kite, but coming down soon.
And when the fade's gone and the worries are back,
One big fat bowl is what we will pack.

Lucy in the sky? My, oh my.
She takes my hand and away we fly.
To another world where the body cannot go,
Where you wonder what's real and what isn't so.
The truths are revealed and new questions are found,
Eyes up at the sky and feet on the ground.
May 2013 · 1.2k
To Be Crazy, To Be Mad
The Whisper May 2013
Is it not as ironic,
As an addict without a high,
To present a false face,
And never truly know why?

We suffer in silence,
In society's iron grip,
Secretly hiding the truth,
From its judgemental whip.

But why hide the truth?
Right now, I'm not sure.
With this madness I have,
I long for a cure.

Behind this stone heart,
Insecurities dwell alone,
In a place in the dark.
Not a ray of light shown.
May 2013 · 995
Hello Beautiful
The Whisper May 2013
I wake up in the morning
To your pretty amber eyes,
Caress your lovely face
While my heartbeat's on the rise.

You catch me off guard
Everytime you lean in and kiss me,
Because how could I, a guy like me,
And a lovely girl like you come to be?

When you turn around
To look or catch my attention,
Baby, it's always yours.
You'll always have my affection.
May 2013 · 393
Love On Hold
The Whisper May 2013
What divides me is the distance,
Between you and I.
It leaves me torn in two,
For all I want is to be with you.

We haven't shared a moment together,
Not a single second of time.
But just hearing your voice,
Is enough to have me wish you were mine.

Time goes on,
Yet we still haven't met.
My love is on hold until that day,
That I see your smile before me

I'll bask in your beauty,
And enjoy the time,
That the two of us spend together,
Silently hoping it will last forever.

— The End —