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lost in a sea of despair
with no end in sight
people pass me by
but I am unable to cry out

desperately treading water
to stay afloat and yet a part of me
just wants to let go
stop fighting and just sink
to the bottom where I can rest

I see no way out
no sign of hope
and yet something
keeps me going
I will not surrender to
this sea of despair

I am gasping for breath
gulping water
dizzy with exhaustion
before I sink I cry out
with my last breath "Help!"

suddenly hands reach out for me
lift me out of the sea of despair
and as I cough out water
my eyes begin to see
a fellowship of people on a life raft
I ask them where they came from,
and a man with a gentle smile answers
that they have been there all along waiting for me to see them

the sea of despair made me blind to
the very help I was looking for
until in that moment of desperation
I was open and willing to ask for help
Trying to capture how I used to feel when I struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts in my mid 20s to early 30s.  And how things got better as I invited a Power greater than me into my life, even though I was so angry and fearful of everyone and everything.
Tessa Craft Feb 2015
Tears fall to the floor
of this empty room
No one to see my pain
No one to hide my sorrow from
Finally free to flow emotions
All these wretched feelings
Free. I let it out
Relieved that no one
needs to know
If only I could just "snap out" of it.
Tessa Craft Feb 2015
He built an empire
I watched it crumble
Falling into ruin
He built a castle
It still stands this day
But only as a reminder
Of what once was
fall: to collapse; no longer act as a support.

My father was an amazing man. When he was still too young, cancer robbed him of all he had built and of all he had hoped for.
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