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T Nov 2019
I laugh, a wide-eyed hum
You look right through me at the rose-tinted sea
The sunlight swirls across my skin
I close my eyes
We refract
And create a rainbow
I walk forward
Into the great expanse
Out of yearning
Out of the need to be seen
And become infinitely, immeasurably illuminable
T Nov 2019
Grace, kindness, empathy;
Softness you never can quite touch
Making supple of razor corners
I forgive you
For anger is heavy and the world too cruel to hold your ego in my heart
I will not un-live you
Shadows of un-answers will always dress my boughs like Christmas morning
But I hope one day this sets you free
T Nov 2019
Interrogate my sincerity
When I say that I am ready
Beat your chest when you know it’s true
There isn’t a war I’m willing to lose
When my heart is the battlefield
Choose your weapon
And surrender
T Oct 2019
It’s the only word I have
The only feeling
T Oct 2019
the push and pull, the dissonance,
the heavy trawl of weightlessness—
the irony of freedom.
I wonder where souls like ours end up—
on a bookshelf, in the bleeding hearts of poets
or dead, forgotten, wishing we would have loved one wholly instead of many in parceled fragments.
T Oct 2019
I won’t hurt for you
I won’t ache
Because I swore I wouldn’t tether
And pain is just an anchor
And my heart is an albatross
building nests in dark places
until the season of our return to the altar
where we will dive, head first, fearlessly,
into remembrance of this white-winged dance
I will moult the dust of summer,
scorch the hearts of those not made to burn
Because the ego must dissolve
And you must lick the ash from my phoenix lips
And let me go
T Sep 2019
I’m overflowing
Radiating high vibrations
My body cannot contain it
My hands are shaking
So I run, give them to the earth beneath my feet
and she drinks them
and I hope they dissolve into what you need
and I hope she returns it to you, with no trace of where it came from
Because all I need is to give
and it doesn’t matter what form that takes
As long as it makes its way back to you
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