Feb 2017 Tammy M Darby
mrs kite

I set you on fire     

its my fault
your flesh flakes off in
withering embers  
you are

an effigy of a supernova
cartilage between ribs sets off     
like firecrackers

I become the acrid scent of pretend
i am

dissipating smoke and sweat and

  Feb 2017 Tammy M Darby
Bob B

Regarding the Trump administration...

Trump says his administration
Runs just like a "fine-tuned machine."
He's got to be kidding! This is the most
Dysfunctional one we've ever seen!

Regarding General Flynn…

Regarding Flynn's resignation,
Trump refuses to give up the fight.
He says that Flynn did nothing wrong;
"If anything, he did something right."

Regarding the Electoral College…

Trump insists that since Ronald Reagan,
He received the most votes.
Bush one, Bill Clinton, and Obama got more.
Who the heck is writing his notes?

Regarding the media…

Trump's still calling the questioning press
Dishonest, and he cannot understand
Why there's so much negativity.
He lives in a definite fantasy land!

Regarding TV…

Trump considers "Fox & Friends"
The most "honest morning show."
That is downright scary to hear.
Fatuity's reached a new plateau.

Regarding bigotry and respect…

Trump says he's the least racist
Person that you'll ever see.
And last fall he said that no one
Respects women more than he!

- by Bob B (2-16-17)

Smile because on this day last year you were going through something horrible and even though you thought things wouldn't get better they did.
Smile because the person who attempts to dim your shine needs to be reminded that not everyone is a jerk and out to hurt them. Smile because you're alive.
Smile because your favorite song played on the radio five times already and you wish it would play again.
Smile because even though you have no plans today that's fine because now you can spend time with yourself and give yourself some undivided attention.
Smile because you love yourself.
Smile because whether your teeth are perfect or crooked your smile is beautiful as fuck.
Smile because everytime you smile you send a dose of magic into the world that makes someone else's day that much better.

WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: February. 16, 2017 Thursday 12:00 P.M.

Blue Jay
you're very blue today.

Did your Hen
leave you,

leaving all your blue skies
to turn to grey.

Blue Jay
your voice is so shrill,

you sound as if
you are moving in for the kill.

It appears to me
that you are absolutely free.

Blue Jay
you show the way,

the Universe
is at your disposal.

Why would I be left in the cold.

  Feb 2017 Tammy M Darby

The ruiner of good music
No longer connected to feelings
Now they're connected to things

run in parallel lines, find words have no control. the lake on the other hand, padded , dark through medieval floating green. a day of shifting gravity, i wonder to slip

in gracefully,

after diving nicely

clear eyes ,

bound throat.

remember the cold ness of the day.

glow in groups of style and ease. now.

die back gracefully or be


  Feb 2017 Tammy M Darby
Liz Devine

I'm losing my ability to speak
soon, no one will be able to understand me
i'll be speaking gibberish
using slang that no one can place
reinventing english
until language is my own

I use the same words
but they never have the same meaning
I speak in circles until my head buzzes
and my mouth is too tired to move

I am a mute
and a soundbox
an animal -- only one of my kind
unable to communicate
with a single living soul

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