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Jul 2020 · 337
Birth of the Stars
Tammy M Darby Jul 2020
The Lord Sun enchanted fell in love with the Princess Moon
Who dwell in the gossamer palace of pale twilight overhead
Cast their children glimmering stars into the dark skies
To profess their loyalty and devotion until death.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby. June 8, 2020
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Tammy M Darby Jun 2020
Not a drop of sanity was in sight
The present, the future, the past.
I closed my eyes momentarily and the die was cast

The bad shuffled and became the good
Unsure if it could or it ever would
The good bear left and the left turned right
What was once day suddenly became night

Now unsure they both traveled straight ahead
Frightened of the right and the left
Down the middle, they went pretty as you please
Counting their imaginary sins
Pled forgiveness with their fingers crossed
And fell to their knees

All right Reserved@ Tammy M Darby. 6/6/2020
All Material Stored in Author Base
Apr 2020 · 160
Political satire
Tammy M Darby Apr 2020
and yes along with my other work I write Political Satire. Have some

My Interview with (Drum roll and rockets’ red glare, bombs bursting in the air) The one... The Only........ Donald The Ding -a ling- Duck

Viruses yeah, I know them. We have a great relationship. They love me.

This is the virus, it’s like a wave, it may or may not go up or down like this. Watch my hands, like a wave. The coronavirus is a hoax.

Sir, WHO has said there is no stopping the virus from spreading what do you have to say about that after you said we had shut the door on the virus in this country?
Fake news fake news. I never saw a memo.

The Virus is here because the Democrats clicked their heels together 2 times, said the word Socialist 3 times, sacrificed a chicken and hey the virus was here.
Democrats are bad for the country.

Well, what about the 8.5 Billion you just asked for from Congress to the fight virus and stimulate our economy?
No more questions from you, I don't like questions and you are a bad reporter.
Like I said it’s a beautiful test, like the letter…… perfect.

But it's spreading and you said it was a Hoax?
Fake news It’s a plot by the Democrats, my enemies, the Martians and the kids from the Good Ship Lollipop to make me look bad
I hate that question

Where are all the medical supplies that were supposed to be stockpiled by the Feds in case of a Pandemic?
I don’t know, no supplies here, I don’t know where they went. Its Obama's fault, the Chinese fault, WHO's fault, and the state's fault, and you over there not gazing at me in adoration, it's you're fault
I take no responsibility.

Money? Money? we have lots of money here have some, you and you too, take some and vote for me
God sent me to save you know. (Cue the halo light around his head).

What about the U.S. federal budget deficit for the fiscal year 2020? it's $966 billion before the economic damage from the virus is factored in? You said you would reduce it?
What Deficit????
The economy looks great. (Raise the flag behind him and turn on the fan).
Quack Quack

Tammy M Darby April 15, 2020, All Rights Reserved
Mar 2020 · 178
Black Bug
Tammy M Darby Mar 2020
To all folks who gossip and say I am strange and mean
You have never seen me cover an ugly bug with a dry brown leaf........

Found an ugly black bug with pinchers and little horns that fell out of a log I was splitting.
I pushed him aside and covered him with a dry brown oak leaf. That was one scary-looking bug.
Feb 2020 · 142
Tammy M Darby Feb 2020
It is said in the ancient text she was conceived in ******
When the Titan Cronus drew his father Uranus’s blood, dead he forever be
The wife of a dark Vulcan Hephaestus, mother to the cherub of love
Legends say she rose from Poseidon’s emerald seas.
From salty heather foam in the waters of Pathos,
That lap the white shores of the isle of Cyprus did she rise
Though Homer on this fact would disagree

Striking jealousy in the hearts of the haughty gods
And filling Adonis eyes according to Greek lore
Half the year she favored him with her sweet love
Though she shared him with Persephone goddess of the Underworld
Until the day he died in her arms when slew by a wild boar

Her beauty forced the sun in its wonder to look away
And frightened the shy round moon into hiding
On new mornings she took the gilded reins in lace covered hands
And in her mystical swan drawn car
Upon a fine day through the air went a gliding

She would curse those who neglected to adore her
In her fury punished those who strayed from worships path
And on the warrior Menelaus in his quest for Helen of Troy
The Goddess would vent her vengeance and wrath

Her crest was that of love and beauty
Full of passion and fertility was she graced
Oh Aphrodite
Once gazed upon by the eyes of man
Never again could his mortal love sate.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby February 12, 2020.
All Material Stored in Author Base
Feb 2020 · 107
Tammy M Darby Feb 2020
Among the Gorgons that counted three
Touched by comeliness being mortal only she
Beauty that in awe of the universe bowed down
Her glorious sumptuous hair a glowing grace
More exquisite than Aphrodite’s star-studded crown

Pursued and seduced by Poseidon was fair Medusa
The God of the jade seas and cerulean oceans deep
In the sacred temple of Athena
His unrelenting passion for her was consecrated
And evermore in her submission would she weep

Their love spill upon white sacred stone floors
Insulted and in her anger
Athena cursed Medusa to times end and in the word’s, cruelty seep
A serpent's tongue and venomous black eyes replaced the orbs of blue
But behind the monster’s mask
A rare beauty never more wakened would sleep

Writhing snakes replaced the queenly vision of her hair
Hideous, grotesque an unhuman crone
A horrifying sight to be shunned
If to look upon her any fool dare
Her darting eyes turn all to stone

The ill-fated union of Medusa and Poseidon yielded two children,
Chrysaor and Pegasus
Who sprung from her neck upon death
When with but a stroke of cunning Perseus shining blade
Her head severed from her body fell to the floor
To be presented to Athena in homage and honor as a gift.

All Rights Reserved @Tammy M Darby Nov 17, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Jan 2020
It is common knowledge among those of ink and pen
There are many that flee from the light
Those who yearn with all their being for endless nights
As shimmering stars forever fade from the sky

The silent ones who thrive and bloom in the cold darkness
Devoid of sound and beyond human sight
Kindred souls writhing in tempestuous  rhyme
Boldly defiant of normality realities, boundaries, and time.

They cavort unhindered and unbound through the universe
  Shrouded in the mystique of creativity
And the components of the schizophrenic mind
Singular creatures ever longing for vanishing stars and endless nights

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Jan. 13, 2020
All Material Stored in Author Base
Dec 2019 · 343
The artist
Tammy M Darby Dec 2019
I never knew I could paint pictures with words
until I became a poet
Tammy M Darby Dec 2019
Turn yourself from my rage
As surely as I speak it will destroy you
Shield yourself from my piercing glance
As it is a slow but indubitable poison

There is no mercy to be found
In this unforgiving dead heart
No pity present in the chilled *****
No light penetrates the folds of the dark

Though you may attempt to safeguard your soul from my words
It is fruitless
For they will burn like witches’ fire
To see the crown slip from the brow is by far my greatest desire

Defend yourself from my hate if it please you
For from it there is no godly haven
The unholy fire now extinguished
I send my curses flying forth
On the wings of a Black Raven.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby. Dec. 8, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Tammy M Darby Dec 2019
One day America you must open your eyes
And acknowledge the responsibility for starving children’s cries
For the blood red and stagnant that flows through the streets
For the deaths of struggling farmers and poor families in distant lands
And those they will never meet
The song of suffering is your composition

One day America
You must speak the truth
That we have left the bones of other humans in the ground
Because their lives provided no political or monetary advantage
Giving no resistance they were poor and weak
Easy to overcome they were so we destroyed them

Unaware was the endless victims until the last moments when the bombs fell
The earth opened before them and became a living hell
Lost souls in a long line of murderous actions with no impunity
God help us all if the world revolts against us in unity
We will become wooden markers that will fade and rot through time
Dead by our own hands because we believed the lies

One day America you must open your eyes

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby. December 17, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Dec 2019 · 128
The Other Side
Tammy M Darby Dec 2019
Who knows what is on the other side?
What monsters lie lurking beyond the stone walls and multiple doors
Perhaps long-forgotten secrets you and I have hidden away
Erasing unwanted memories from our minds forevermore

Will we find heaven the oh so sought promised golden land?
Or fires of the unspoken one waiting that scorch us and burn
Is condemnation to the netherworld our unchangeable fate?
Without us would the world continue to turn?

Take a glance and tell me what is on the other side
Is it a plane of my mind which some say does not exist
For lack of imagination, some cannot see it
Others do boring dullards but simply resist

Are their stars made of glass on the other side?
Do emotions flow like fine wine?
Do the sea waves roar with song green and salty?
Or will they die with the passing of time?
Are there precious stones strewn about the ground like sand diamonds?
While a blue moon hangs high in the sky.

Is the evil of mankind waiting and laughing?
On the other side
For a seized opportunity to overcome us all
Are all our desires fulfilled completely?
Or do the shadows reign dark and tall?

I believe will forge ahead and go around the corner
Instead a sitting like a smiling fool on a self-made shelf
I will take a look closer look at the other side
And decide if I will travel there myself

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby December 16/2019.
All Material Stored In Author Base
Tammy M Darby Dec 2019
I have a friend from down under
Sassy as sheila’s can often be
She could tell you of the Aussies life
In a direct and no-nonsense sentence
Before you could count 1,2,3

This lass was full of spice and vinegar
As she scribbles on paper all day long
Her nights are filled with poetry and prose
And a silly Koo ka Burra's song

Have a good laugh at this fairy of mirth
The stories written from thoughts and eyes
Pause for a moment and see her world of magic
Of ancient rock, roo’s and aboriginal skies

Her tongue cuts like a clean-edged dagger
This mischievous brownie of sharpened wit
Her mind kisses the stark reality of the poems
Painted with vivid colors and wild spirit.

So there is my friend from down under
Born and raised in the land of crocs and thunder
A native of the dry and the wet
Amused upon fools she besets

If you cross this pixie heed my advice
Beware the sheila with the imaginary knife
Australian poet of stinging descriptive situations
As she offers to you her latest creations

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Dec. 23, 2016
Dec 2019 · 340
Tammy M Darby Nov 2019
Allow a being into the bizarre world I have created
When my penance for being human
Has left me cold and my mind serrated

How could I allow myself
Even the slightest expectations
That the emotions of a whimsical poet
Could ever be expressed openly
Outside a circle of ones cursed with the same peculiar traits
Or anywhere but on crumpled yellow paper

To forfeit the right of control of my heart and mind
A simpleton vulnerability pinned to my chest
The quickening of my surging pulse
The fluttering of my heart
At the command of an image’s behest

How could I in my foolishness
Allow a being into the fantastical world I have created
When my explanations for being solitary
Even to myself have not slightly abated

A stark clear image emerges
The stars align in clustered constellation
Revealing the dream that has so alluded me
The life to which I am fated

AllRights Reserved @ Tammy M. Robbins Oct. 24, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Tammy M Darby Nov 2019
If you dare look upon its reflection
Or have you the courage to look upon the face
Delve into your soul
Without self-admonishment or rejection

Though it holds many answers
So too does the mirror present many questions
The righteous existence of a soul
The solemn eyes that stare into it
Projecting endless depth and perfection

The mirror holds many answers
If you dare look upon its telling reflection
Those who get a glimpse of what lies before them
Are ‘afflicted with anxiety and overwrought
Embracing the art of image deflection
Denying the very secrets, they sought.

Still, others shun what they see in the mirror
Belligerent refusing to acknowledge the truth until the very last
Be assured you can bear the revelations that will be revealed
When you willingly gaze into the looking glass.

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M Darby Nov 9, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Tammy M Darby Nov 2019
Who in its anger repudiated the world
And embraced the dark.
Or would you prefer elaborate romantic letters of love?
Unwavering devotion,
A pedestal of adoration
Pledges spoken to him above

This tale is of one who by choice turned from the light,
Nevermore hear the chorus of sweet breezes,
Boldly cavorting through sage green branches in the night.
Nor see the unfurling of the young dew-covered grass.
As life slowly drained from the body,
Without protest or a struggle
To breathe its last.

Sadness encroached upon the soul
Oh so quietly and remained
The spirit seeking refuge
Ignoring the risks lept from reality
Into unknown plane

Closing their eyes, tightly
They prayed to forget what it was,
To bear the burden of desire,
Or embrace the malignant lies of love.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Oct. 21, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Nov 2019 · 182
Tammy M Darby Nov 2019
There was no choice except to lie about the drug use though everyone in town knew the truth. He was a heavy cranker, a tweaker and tried to keep it secret then the inevitable came, long under drug-induced strain, its parts wearing out, his heart started failing.

He had done the drug for a long time and did a good job of hiding it from most of the people in town until his best friend revealed his habit to a person close to him.

At first, he tried to explain it away by telling everyone it was a disorder ran in his family but those that did the white powder lines with him just laughed. They knew why he was having problems with his heart and soon they would be too. But the damage was done and there were no stories or excuses he could use to cover his operations and hospital stays anymore and soon the whole town knew what he was. He kept the instances of violence against women and other small crimes under the covers by snitching to the police when he had a little useable information and they, in turn, cut him a little slack for his efforts.

But everything had changed. He became thin, gaunt and black blue circles appeared underneath his eyes, his hair fell out and he became an old man what seemed like overnight. Afraid, and rightly so, he wondered if this was the price he paid for his treacherous behavior. For the lies, he told her, the promises he broke and the damage he inflicted because of his greed. For the lives, he had destroyed from his past.

He could not shake these perceptions that tortured him night and day sitting in the back of his brain like a tightening knot that refused to be expelled. It weighed heavy on his heart and more so in his mind until his thoughts turned inward and outward and twisted like snakes. He remembered the last words she spoke; the crying and chills ran through his body, he began to violently tremble and his breathing quickened with the memory of her.

Then it began, in earnest, the nightmares, the echoes of crying, and cold gales of the wind that carried words he had once spoken in pledge. He began to cringe in fear at shadows that he was convinced were lurking and lying in wait for him around each and every corner and the whimpering that came from thin air. that no one else could hear. Paranoia was consuming him and there was no controlling it. The last piece in the puzzle of his destiny had come at last to rest in its final tomb.

He could tell no one of the thoughts that consumed him like cancer lest he revealed the monster that he was. and what he had done. So, his fears festered like a rotting wound that would never heal, putrid and decaying, distrustful and suspicious of all he encountered. Counting the beats of his pulse in his wrists wondering if they would slow and stop day after day until in the end he sometimes wished and yearned for death.

There would be no escape this time or reprieve from his actions and it was not hatred that doomed him but love. Steady as the winds in the sky, the flowing waters of the earth, and even the stars that dwell throughout the universe. The emotion that was stronger some say than the face of death itself.

When the fates deemed, he had suffered enough, the bowels of the earth opened before him and they came. But they had no pity for him and it would not be the sounds of angel wings that greeted his soul. But the moans and shrieks of dark spirits from the underworld, and the smell of sulfur.

It would be her voice he heard laughing, as they took him, her small face he saw smiling until she turned and walked away slowly becoming a blurred vision. His eyes dimmed, he cried the name of the one he had wronged and he strained once more to see her before breathing his last. It was her love that had bewitched him and love that took his life.

My attempt at writing a ghost story
All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M.Darby Oct.31, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Nov 2019 · 149
Let not love be your master
Tammy M Darby Nov 2019
For your poor gentle heart will break
Prayers are to no avail or antidote
As love, your soul without mercy will take

Let not love to be your master
For it is to sacrifice without question or demand
Shun its malignant invitation
Decline the touch of its sinister hands

Let not love to be your master
Or your world never again will you find
In reality, existing no more
A lost spirit left wandering throughout time

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby November 2. 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Nov 2019
Reclining on the cold black leather couch
Preparing my contrived viewpoints of what’s life's about
My weaknesses, objectives, dislikes, perspectives, and fears
And to the mix for drama's sake
I will add a few false tears

His eyes were full of gray cold dissection
Bemused expression and advice
I accepted without any objections or argument
His professional and profound perspective of my life

When he referred to his life in the past tense
I began to wonder in retrospection
If had lost truly my senses
Eyes changing into ice, fixed and dilated
I listened closely with a novice ear
His worth seriously I debated

He then expressed his fondness
For sizzling Sweetbreads and Farber beans
While telling me in great detail of one client, in particular
A depressive transvestite
And of his long abstract dreams

As he referred to himself as personality number six
Suddenly his steel eyes began to shine and spin
I wondered if I had made a mistake consulting him
And would do so from the beginning to the end

Without word, reason, or warning.
The day came when he quietly disappeared
Intrigued and in my curiosity
Though he was untraceable
I sought him furiously for an entire year
He was after all a student of Sigmund
And I had little or nothing to fear

The postman in his crisp uniform
Appeared on the clock
Owing to the fact I was in his sector
In my pile of mail
Was a hand-signed bill
From my psychiatrist
The infamous Hannibal Lector

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy m. Darby November 3, 2019.
All Material Store in Author Base.
Oct 2019 · 146
That's what you will see.
Tammy M Darby Oct 2019
What will you do?
When without warning the bombs fly
The air becomes malignant and the children cry
The seas flush red with rotting bodies
The thrashing rivers die
What will you do?

What will you say?
When the doomed dying ask why
Spiraling into its death throes
Humanity ****** breathes its last sighs
What will you say?

What will you see?
Look once again
The earth barren and cold
Blow the sour winds
We destroyed ourselves willingly for power and gold
Steeped deep in sin
That's what you will see.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby September 6. 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Oct 2019 · 681
An Hourglass and Sand
Tammy M Darby Oct 2019
Why are the traits of creativity and insanity
An hourglass and sand
Is it an unintended genetic defect?
Or a simple wonderment of man
An anomaly of nature
A chemical imbalance in the Ribonucleic acid
A minuscule knot in the DNA strands

Many minds revered and unknown don the genius crown
The emotive disturbing creations of Goya’s dark-stained hands
The deaf Beethoven composing the illustrious symphonies of sound
The imagery of Hemingway before he felt disposed to lay the pencil down

Leonardo da Vinci the scientist and painter who dreamt of Mars
The Kaleidoscope of inventors, poets, visual and musical artists
The unseen silent ones who walk among us
Who glimpse and grasp for that which lies in secret even beyond the stars

They socialize freely with death and depression
That colors that taunt the fingers and feed the obsession
The impeccable word so elusive often sought in panic
Never-ending questions of the universe that must be answered
So comes the genesis of the melancholy, bipolar. schizoid and the manic

Why are creativity and insanity
An hourglass and sand
Is it an inherited genetic defect?
Or a singular wonder of man
A chemical imbalance in the Ribonucleic acid
A minuscule knot in the DNA strands

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Oct. 4, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Sep 2019 · 186
The Death of a Rose
Tammy M Darby Sep 2019
Carmine flowers with yellow delicate centers
Guarded by sharp-tipped thorns that pierce deep
Resting upon brown thin bark-covered reaching branches
Rain covered veined green leaves

Breeze blown petals soft pink, mutated and light
Dance daintily through the air on their final flight
On gentle downdrafts, floating before they kiss the ground
Shunning all finalities fanfare
Without the slightest sound

In their pageantry of elegance and depths of fiery red
Crimson blush life ebbing as the sun pursues its bed
Rising comes the ashen moon lifting her head
The lifeless pale florets lay strewn about faded and dead.

All Right Reserved @Tammy M. Darby Sept. 28, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Sep 2019 · 161
The Enigma
Tammy M Darby Sep 2019
If but a night and day gaze from my eyes
Take courage
Deafen your ears to the fearful cries

If but an hour you cower in my soul
Flee in fear
For what you have seen and now know

If but a minute reside in my inquisitive mind
The palette of a poet
Glimpsing into imagination and the ripples of time

If but a second peer into my heart and its crimes
There lies the enigma of my maddening rhymes

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Sept. 26, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Sep 2019 · 656
The broken hearted
Tammy M Darby Sep 2019
There is no solace for the brokenhearted
The injured heart will not heal
It refuses entrance to happiness for some cuts run too deep
The concept of love now being too surreal

Alas there is no consolation for the brokenhearted
They suppress their tears and shelter their hearts
Turning their eyes away from that which they secretly desire
Denying the light instead keeping company with the dark

Pity the brokenhearted
For they exist in a world of pain
No longer being able to bear the human touch
Denying the very emotion, they seek in vain

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Sept 24, 2019.
Sep 2019 · 210
Call forth the gods of war
Tammy M Darby Sep 2019
Beat the drums of bold death
Call forth the gods of war
Offerings of fresh blood upon the altar of sacrifice
From still hearts that will beat no more

Summon the warriors of the sword, knife, and mace
The gladiators of Roman legends and lore
Beat loudly the man skin drums of death
Call forth the gods of war

The Hordes of Genghis Khan
On the sanguinary quest for the world
Cruel despots composed the Mongol core
Would beat the echoing drums of death's onslaught approaching
Call forth the gods of war

With solemn stone faces
Go the last soldiers of annihilation
Whose lives soon would bear consequence no more
Beat the drums of smiling death triumphant
Call forth the gods of war

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Sept. 18, 3019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Sep 2019 · 212
The end of man draws nigh
Tammy M Darby Sep 2019
It will come in the silence of the sleeping night
When the blue comet streaks the star-filled skies
The tides flow no more
The night bird sighs
The end of man draws nigh

It will come in the silence of the sleeping night
The yellow comet shall blaze across star-filled skies
As humans wallow in restless slumber
And the helpless infant cries
The cities begin their final descent
The living waters retreated and died.

It will come in the silence of the sleeping night
A black comet spewing death across star-filled skies
The earth trembles in anticipation of our extinction
The defiant moon in agreement rises high
Our destiny has at last been fulfilled
The end of man has drawn nigh

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Sept. 11. 2019
All Material Stored In Author Base.
Sep 2019 · 112
I Loved Once
Tammy M Darby Sep 2019
And was driven to the edge of madness
Revulsion for life graced my table
A cold menu of despair and sadness

I loved once

Deeper than the secret oceans turquoise blue
Coy as the moon’s soft pale bashful hue
The blinding orange of the boastful sun

I loved once

Their closeness took my breath away
Lost were the words on my lips I could not say
The downward spiral of my tortured heart
That beats slower each day

But I loved once.

All Rights Reserved@ Tammy M. Darby September 6, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
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Tammy M Darby May 2019
Needing evidence they had to dig back 4 years and take a look
Finally finding words to use against me they say
Blocked from ****** book
For another 21 hours and 28 days.

It's true I am a unique individual
And as many see the world in my own particular way
But Comrade Zuck all bow to the king disagreed
Clamped on the irons and silenced me
For another 21 hours and 28 days.

Your meme goes against Community Standards they said
Tsk Tsk and they slapped my hands for being bad
Just one post outside the Matrix was all it took
To get myself blocked from Commiebook

All Rights Reserved@ Tammy M Darby My 18, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Tammy M Darby Apr 2019
When the Israelites return to the Golan Heights
And ancient blazing comets cross the planet fly
The Muslin Empire will rise from the saltwater’s bed
Dark and dying will be the flickering stars

From black oil oceans, he shall be birthed
Nurtured on the hearth of power and coin
Disguised in the words of Christianity
Weapons from every nation he calls forth

Deaths flag shall be the victor in the last war
The Muslim Empire will rise
From the depths of the Dead sea's floor
Blood against blood
Man, against man
Till on this earth, humans are no more

All Rights Reserved. @ Copyright Tammy M. Darby April 14, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base
Mar 2019 · 699
Tír na nÓg
Tammy M Darby Mar 2019
The old tale wandered cross the Fearnóg moss green
The faint songs of the ancient’s druids sing
Woven spells round the faeries rings
Brian Boruma mac Cennetig might hold the throne
On golden scarred brow bore the crown of High King

Tuatha Dé Danann shimmering robed in white Bogbean
Gloved in moss sewn fine with buttercups
Coltsfoot garlands round their heads
Whitlow grass soft neath their feet
And heather pink droplets of drifting fog

Children shivered in anticipation round smoking peat fires
Awaiting long told stories of battle
Against the fierce black-haired Fir bolg

Rose the legend Hy-Brasil from the waves
Come the count of seven years
In the dreamland of the Irish
Tír na nÓg

This was written for my Family the Irish
All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby March 22, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Mar 2019
For all those poor souls suffering
Those victims of love dying slow
Turn the dial and tune it to my channel
Karma 361 FM
Dead Heart Radio

I play songs that soothe you
Comfort and heal your troubled mind
And in words and lyrics move you
Fear not for those that abused you
Fate awaits them with a composition of her own

Present to your nemesis
A winning smile and my unique music
Convince them to listen
Dissect the haunting notes and muse them

Soon they will become the ones dying slow
Courtesy of
Karma 361 FM
Dead Heart Radio

All Rights Reserved @Copyright Tammy M. Darby March 16, 2019.
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Mar 2019 · 430
Tammy M Darby Mar 2019
Are you writing under forced consent?
Or the need to see your thoughts in print?
Does it set your intellectual mind on fire?
Engulfing you in a deep desire.

Does it torture you in your dreams at night?
The shining image of your name in lights
The nightmare of being one or the other
Anonymous or your face on the cover.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby March 3, 2019.
All Materials Stored in Author Base.
Mar 2019 · 551
Tammy M Darby Mar 2019
On a wintery red down feathered wing
And through ancient icy oaks winds sing
Heralds the coming of the shy maiden spring
The colors of green, gold, and indigo she brings.
Across snowcapped mountains
Her sweet melodies ring
As winters chilled touch did cling

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby March 3, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base
Mar 2019 · 830
The Banquet
Tammy M Darby Mar 2019
Late one nice warm evening
Came a very loud knock upon my door
It was a complete stranger
Tired bewildered and lost
Now imprisoned in my dark magical woods

A gracious host of course
I bowed and extended my hand and stated
Please come in, dear friend take a seat and let’s discuss pressing matters
Such as the ghost to my left or the ghoul to the right dressed in tatters

As you can plainly see I am playing poker with the 3 eyed demons of the 4th night
Who infamous cheaters like the mummies rarely ever get a second invite
The vampires are sitting in the shadows where they think no one may see
Putting visine in their red eyes
White roses in black lapels and sharpening their pointed teeth

The werewolves yellow dripping fangs
Are climbing the curtains growling
Come the rising of the round moon
The goblins little monsters stroll in nosily
Angrily demanding recognition which is rightly their due

The witches spitting and cursing their hats
Hopped clumsily off their brooms
While the strongest warlocks were locked in battle
Throwing spells across the amber walled room

They have arrived for my banquet
As all have received the coveted invitations before
When some foolish stranger like you
Unaware knocks upon my door,

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby March 2, 2019.
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Humorous Dark Poetry
Feb 2019 · 186
I damned their lives
Tammy M Darby Feb 2019
My anger was so great
That those near me burned
Turning away they could not bear the coals of growing fires
Human contact I spurned
For the thirst for revenge
Could not be contained or mastered
It radiated upon my face and cruel eyes
Massive energy of uncontrollable calculating emotion
Swept away all those before me in incineration
And laughing spoke soft words in their ear
I ****** their lives

My hate was deadly, and I cursed those who had wished me harm
In their excitement and wagging tongues
Forgotten was their  bravado
False regret or alarm
For my words were spoken in the cold long shadows of night
With disregard of their approaching plight
Never to be undone until my last breath took flight

My revenge was so great
That those near me burned
Turning away they could not bear the flames of fires
Spurning the Gods
I wished for them star-crossed dreams and desires
  Spoke the words of doom
That is forbidden to man
In my despair

But if you think I am remorseful
Look upon me closely and see
It radiates from my face and cruel eyes
Words humans no longer speak
I ****** their lives

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby February 27, 2019.
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Feb 2019 · 354
I Closed the Door
Tammy M Darby Feb 2019
When the sisters love and loneliness
In the latter part of my life
In their foolishness called upon me once more
I know them in depth
Pondering my decision with regret
Reluctantly with sadness
My heart an open portal
I closed the door

Chastise me freely for my disbelief
Or reproach me for my coldness
You may speak of devotion
And fluttering white doves
I scoff at its significance  
But pray refrain if you will
From speaking the word love

I have encountered these emotions in my younger years
Engaged them in open battle
Not once
But twice before

Dangerous adversaries they are
And it is very tempting
To once again confront them in the arena of war
But in this instance,
Laying down my sword
I must respectfully decline
And closed the door

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 14, 2019.
Tammy M Darby Feb 2019
One must pause but a second
Before the red curtain rises
My evocative story tells
Of innocent men women and children
Who perished screaming in bullets hail?

The perpetrators were sycophants who ravaged the earth
Slaughtering with cunning and stealth
Eliminating any who offered even the smallest resistance
For black liquid and gleaming metals

Openly touted
Their agenda was not hidden
None with valor impede their path
Fat and satisfied
The cowards dropped their dull heads
Rather than face the barbarians wrath

So continued was their brutish destruction
Though guilt their small conscience assail
Alas I disagree with Tolkien
The Courage of men has failed

Acknowledgement of “The Courage of men.”
The Return of the King…… by J.R.R. Tolkien
All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby. February 8, 2019.
Feb 2019 · 321
The House of Grief
Tammy M Darby Feb 2019
When asked where he dwells
He replied
In the house of grief.
My heart is broken, and the soul is torn
Bound to a memory
A decaying corpse
That died gasping in my arms
Her name upon my trembling lips

Life left the body of my beloved
Though now long placed in the ground
Those who know me mutter under their breath
She makes no sound
And I am insane

In the endless aching hours
And long sighs of the night
An ethereal wraith appears before me
When the blue sparkle comet flies

The moon is on the wane
Reflected in the waters eye
In between the cold worlds
I listen for her cries

I asked gently with pity
Why is it must you stay
Until your mind can bear no more
Forever and a day

He replied
By man’s spoken law she is dead
Her body I watched them lovingly lay
In my insanity and heart, she lives
Curse them I care not what they say

So, stone dead he was when they found him
It was as he had sworn
In the house of grief
He remained to the end
Until she called his name no more

Original All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 19, 2018.
Rewrite February 7, 2019.
Feb 2019 · 717
We are Poets
Tammy M Darby Feb 2019
Scholars of the script
The notably odd ones out
Greedily clutching our paper
Wooden pencil in hand
Remaining silent when we want to shout

Aspiring to write perfect stanza
That is always just beyond our grasp
Bearing the sidelong glances and whispers
That our undertakings often bring about

We are the Misfits
The Manic
The Loners
The Strange
Rife with depression

While declining to be mundane

We are the poets
The writers
Artists of letters
Courageous and valiant
Carefully treading through the veil of reality
Trying not to lose our balance

We are the poets
The writers
Singular and unique
Each having a story to tell
As we live our lives
A precarious existence at best
Between the promise of Heaven
And the fear of Hell

All Rights Reserved. Tammy M. Darby Feb. 1, 2019
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Feb 2019 · 5.3k
The Gods
Tammy M Darby Feb 2019
As the Thunderbolt God Jupiter
Saturn’s brother
Pursued his loves in disguise
The Goddess Hera sat upon her throne
Irritated and plotting
Gazing with angry jealous eyes

Oh, courageous intelligent Athena
****** Goddess of the hunt
Dare the foolish to cast eyes upon her unclothed
Under the sentence of a tortuous death
Its said by many she was not birthed
But sprang surprisingly from her father’s head

The lovely Aphrodite
Would melt the hearts of many a man
Who would offer up their life
For but a faint touch of her hand

The Light God Apollo admirer of the word, reciting poetry
Pluck the gold lyres delicate strings
While the sea god Poseidon’s twelve daughters
Dressed in dripping seaweed began to sing

Ares of the bold god of war
Feared conqueror and great warrior
Planted flowers
As was his custom in the spring

Artemis in fervent haste strung her magical bow
For it was pursuit that stirred her blood
It flowed through her veins
Aged Roman wine
Running stags through shadowy woods

The gods of the Kings
The Gods of the people
To whom many sacrifices were made
Lived thousands of years beyond the lifespan of man
So, say the storytellers of olden times and past days

All right Reserved. Tammy M. Darby. Jan. 31, 2019
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Jan 2019 · 204
Burn my Body in the Old way
Tammy M Darby Jan 2019
On a bed of woven wormwood and myrrh
Say the holy words from blessed mouth
Of distant gods and long forgotten ancient lore

As you place my cold flesh on the hearth
May it rise to golden clouds of heaven
Or for my sins descend into the darkness of  hell.

For no soul now resides in this skeleton
As it has happened since the dawn of man
And a thousand times before the old ones tell

So burn my body in the old way
Pray naught do not grieve
Because my life is no more

Let my body rest
In a fire of woven wormwood and myrrh
As did the distant gods and all who came before

@ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Jan. 21, 2019.
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
A story unfinished
Tammy M Darby Jan 2019
From the void of infinity,
I retrieved words desperately sought
Craving the full impact of my letters
No matter the harm to my soul it wrought

An obsession forces me from my slumber bed rise
Depicting on paper visions of monsters and warrior queens
That emerges from deep long dreams
And where the magic lies.

Sleep reveals those who breathe
And yet emotionally dead
Shuffling through the world
Unknowing and uncaring
Frightening normal with dread

As the ribbons of heliotrope crept closer before falling
I heard the ghost of my pen calling

They found me quite cold
Window sash blowing
Ink on my fingers
Hunched over my desk

A story unfinished
Fellow Poets
I leave you to imagine the rest

@Copyright Tammy M. Darby Jan. 5, 2019
Tammy M Darby Dec 2018
Does the true being of self to consciousness cling
Disappearing suddenly when reality so elusive sings
Pride covet words in anticipation of the ultimate ascension  
Daring to imperil it all for ink and pen
Ignoring the warnings
A poets world rarely mentioned

We discard with little effort what imparts to us conventionality and vague interest
Desiring instead to reminisce on that which tortures and haunts us
It is by choice we reside freely and roam in unknown dimensions
Artists of our experiences
A poets world rarely mentioned

Many will condemn with ridicule and scorn
Those who exist in the universe of the word
As we climb the stairs to the dreamworld
Closed to those deficit in imagination
Only the ingenious may enter
Virtuosos of the mind and heart
A poets world rarely mentioned

@ copyright Tammy M Darby Dec. 29, 2018.
Dec 2018 · 2.2k
She who tells the tale
Tammy M Darby Dec 2018
Sailing through purple skies unhindered
And breathe crystal snowflake frosted air
Floated past the mysterious Weeping Mountains
And yellow forests called Warlocks Fair

Wandered the underworld
Drunk with false courage from Cretan wine
Leapt bravely from star to star
Journeyed through red starred scattered galaxies
Witnessing the birth and death of time

The finality of the forever feared tolling
The ringing of deaths solemn bell
Conjured this was in my mind quite carefully
For I am she who tells the tale

Commanding the heavens and the earth with my pen
To me the four winds bow low and kneel
The water robed river nymphs pirouette
  Wild horned stags vault high to my music
You must admit the scene quite captivating and surreal

The moon kiss my cheek with shy affection
Apollo grace me with a sunburst arrow of gold
Syrian lotus seed the door to the universe
  Held tightly in small clutching hands
Where lies stories soon to be told

  She who tells the tale
Sprung from blood of ancient lands
Portraying in ink and script
The dark images of man.

@ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Dec. 12, 2018.
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
The world was a place of happiness and smiles
Safety was the warmth of parents arms
And your bed a castle?
Or was it a fort?

Laughing and tumbling fat children
Fearing nothing
Except falling and scraping your knee
Upon which
Your mother would run and inquire'
While you hid behind her apron
What made you cry
Softly cooing
Wiping your eyes
As a mother does

You laughed at the clouds
And stuck your tongue out to taste the rain
Clumsy fingers caught tiny minnows
Listened to the smoke stack howl of faraway metal trains
And the throaty sounds of downy covered wide eyed owls
Remember the times as a child

Before the clouds gave way
A child you were no more
And opened your eyes to the day
Having no wish to play with reality
Scampered carelessly away
As little ones often do

Falling and scraping your knee
Upon which  
Your mother ran to see'
What made you cry
Wiping your eyes with tender hands
While softly cooing
Comforting sighs
As a mother does
Remember the times as a child

@ Tammy M. Darby Nov. 27, 2018.
Nov 2018 · 1.7k
A Freefall of the Mind
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
I halfheartedly grasped the ledge
Peering indecisively over the edge  
Wondering perhaps in all seriousness if I should let go

A freefall of the mind is what they call it '
And if you do not experience it
Why and how could you possibly comment
And in all honesty, say it is an emotion you know?

A little less grew my grip on the edge
Taking momentary notice of the crumbling ledge
My mind wanders into a place where all is nothingness
And nothingness is the norm

I let my mind freefall as they call it
Into oblivion and time dissolved it
Finding myself very comfortable in this environment
I wished never to return

So I concocted a simple cunning game
Whenever spoken to by the seemingly sane
Smiling wickedly
Into nodding confirming faces
I repeat these words

A freefall of the mind is what they call it '
And if you haven't experienced it
How could you possibly comment
And in all honesty, say it is an emotion you know?

@ copyright Tammy M Darby Nov. 24, 2018
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
Where you conceal your eyes and heart
When the skies flashed skeletal fingers of red
Within his rights
The bringer of death
Eyes shining
   Presented the foreboding of the dark

War mongers
Possess no compassion for the universal man
And its only the foolish they entreat
Denying all responsibility for the innocent children
Who lay silent
Cold macerated dolls
In burning fragmented buildings
And heaving shattered stone streets

Races of humans decimated
Destroyed without a single thought
  Indifferent they turned from their echoing cries  
May ******* these pitiful representations of man
Whose veins are infected with greed
And whose lips speak treacherous lies.

Come from behind the walls of blood cowards
Trembling in fear of ghosts that were sacrificed for purse
Still you count your mountains of gold
For it is they who are insistent
And will brook no refusal
To whom you must atone.

@ Tammy M Darby Nov. 22, 2018
Nov 2018 · 678
The End
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
I sat with my broken heart
Now you sit with your cold heart

@ Tammy M Darby Nov. 13, 2018
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
Where cold the bodies lay
Pledged their loyalty and honor to a lie
They shall nevermore say

Sacrificed their lives for the red,white and blue star covered flag
While covetous politicians  
Piling high their spoils
Washed the blood from their hands

The children mourned the white stones
Where the cold bodies lay
Little boys and girls tears flowing down their cheeks
Throughout their lives remember this day

The proud American died for his beliefs
He shall nevermore say
When the sun rose orange
Sleeping quietly in marble grave

The widows mourned the white stones
Where the now cold bodies lay
A few loving words by those close to the heart
They shall nevermore say

It was their duty to act as they swore and pledged
A soldier they follows commands
Leaving their souls forever in the golden deserts
While politicians
Washed the blood from their hands

@ copyright Tammy M Darby Nov. 8, 2018
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
It without reservation can be said
Light on their indistinct feet these apparitions
Having no physical form

Cavorting of course with analogous kinds
On human emotions, they dine
Waltzing with elegance and ease
Disappearing as they please
Showcasing their unearthly skills
Rattling their chains
And moaning with glee

Ah yes it can most assuredly be said
I enjoy
Dancing with ghosts of the dead
It is the event of a lifetime
And is a rare phenomenon amongst the living

But not be envious of their steps
For throughout their existence they may never rest
It is a clandestine situation at best
Though they frolic gaily

Imprisoned between two worlds
Ignoring their dilemma
Nebulous phantoms
Continuing to whirl

Still, in good conscience, I cannot deny
Even with their trickery and constant cries
And disregarding the fact they are dead
What a delightful experience it truly is
Dancing with ghosts of the dead

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M Darby Nov. 3,  2018.
Re-Write Feb. 11, 2019
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trhey may nevr eestSo if you seek ***
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