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Asyan 5d
Storms howl, winds rage, and oceans weep.
Beyond lonely snow-rugged mountains and wild waves,
A small boat rocks in a quiet harbor, in waters deep.
Above, seagulls screech of nameless graves.

On deck, under a soft flickering lamplight,
A sleepy sailor reads a yellowed book of old stories.
The pale moon hangs high in the breathy night.
Past echoing war horns and ****** skies,
The same moon shines upon the dark countryside,
as a young girl places blood-red poppies on sighing tombstones,
marked with tears cried and dried.
And here I cry a whispered farewell.

So, So long, until
"The stars throw down their spears
and water heaven with their tears".
Moonchild, you shine~
rita powell Feb 2019
When the daemon of a person is lost
that person will wander through trackless wastes.

If she sweeps her house and prays diligently,
It may be
that seven new spirits
will come and take up residence with her
and there will be dancing
and a turning
and a new fire may be kindled.
Inspired by Luke 11:25 and the loss of my beloved Siamese cate
Preeti Karnwal Nov 2018
It's winter all around,
and my heart is frozen.
Little did I realize that it was just August or September.
I couldn't reach a hand of warmth,
Coz' my thoughts were so cold
and with a gloomy frost, on my hopeful soul.

I tried to bear your cold words,
I should've protected my heart.
I wish I could, end this endless winter between us.
For every moment that is passing by
feels like a year in this cruel winter.
What more hurts is that i can't find you anywhere near.

When I see these snowflakes
I miss you like you were my last happiness.
But no season lasts forever so I will wait for the Spring day to come.
When Flowers bloom to a new life
and my heart soars up to the cloud nine.
but won't you wait for me there until the Spring Day comes.
Inspired by BTS' Spring Day... LOVE
Karma Jones Nov 2018
The road ahead is dark
Stumbling through pitch black
Simulating blindness

Can’t see anyone
Looking forward, looking back
Careful steps turned into fearful running

Suddenly, there’s small light
It's us, your friends
Follow the faint glow of hope

The road ahead is still dark
But we somehow know we’re close to the end
You Never Walk Alone

We are on the same path
So let’s go together
We’re here by your side
Now and forever

— The End —