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Mike Virgl Jul 2017
Walkin' on the edge of land
Gripping hold with weary hand
Staggering over I fall to stand
What do I see?

For the end of the road is near
And spitting out at the end of the pier
A land locked farmers fear
Of the unknown

The blue waters, rising sea
Began right where you can see
All the clearness after the foamy brine
Forming a line

To divide the truth of heart
You find you can not pull them apart
The end of land is where it starts
A blue monster
I had a weird realization of how we see the sea, ocean, lakes, etc. We can see it as an end of land, or a start of sea, we can see it as a nightmare or an adventure, it can be peaceful or turbulent. It just kinda speaks to me know, I'm in between the Pacific and Atlantic right now. Take that as you will.

— The End —