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Sweet little baby
With cute rosy cheeks.
Sweet little baby
Just born this week.
Much to do, much to see
But first I think
It's time that you eat.

Big brother might not care,
But little sis and I do,
Promise we'll always be there,
Anything for you.

Sweet little baby
Sweet little baby
Much to do, much to see
But for now, just be
The sweet little baby
That was just born this week.
I now have 2 little sisters. Her name is Sophie...she was born on July 17th at 9:58 am. I love her so much already! ❤️
Laura Mankowski Nov 2014
They say the darkest hour is just before dawn
And it is
I know because
On the day you were born
I started my journey toward you
And couldn't tell where the black tar of the road ended and the black tar of the sky began
On the day you were born
As the purple hue of the dawn began
The whole world started to wake Unaware of the miracle occurring
And as the purple haze grew into the Bright, orange, burning morning
And the sun finally crested over the trees
What leaves remained on them in this crisp, cool, end of fall
Looked to be alive,
Burning with the energy that was being created
And as I drove down that straight highway toward you
On the day you were born
I've never seen a more beautiful day
More beautiful trees
A more beautiful highway
On the day you were born

— The End —