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Take me back to the times where "people were smarter than machines..."
They were not "swayed or controled by them..."
as we then  "failed" to see as to why "being controled by them"
was just as "crazy as to question as to"  "why the notions" as to" "why humans are unable to fly?"
Invention brought us the "wheel", the "telephone," then to  the
first "Moonwalk" and "first man On the Moon...."
where he still had not used the future to blind his "out of touch"
"seeing eye?"
Into the future where inventions "killed" rather then they "Saved the world?"
Until World War iii Has beem left a "trial ajurned"
we shall be the "Public just sitting on our hands waiting to be burned..."

By a government who does not "see eye to eye?"
As the "blind stay such" and still ask questions "As to why"
things are remaining "The same?"
well at this
"quiet time of blundering,"
who "raises their voices to challenge" society's "wondering"
a whole "desperate" and "uneeded Mile..."
as to the "future" that this "One Eye'd Moon Man yet sees"
for us "in still motion"
He beams down warnings in the burnt in Values in "History's Blind Accidents"
Nobody noticed that "Lady Liberty's Back was Bent"
from being "broken" like "the invented misguided "arrows of some wars"

we fail to "stand up and defend" as to why we need "Better mending of our broken paths and future pavements" on "Congress Floors..."
Instead we overtrust those in leadership who "Tend to need to love life through closed view's doors."

— The End —