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SøułSurvivør Sep 2016
****** charm
an   elegance and   a
myst  ery which she   uses
        to your harm.  
             she is lithe    
       and supple
  attracts men
in swarms. but
she has a heart of
marble. so you'd
best stay calm
she taunts you      
and she   haunts            
you. she  will make        
alarms...  but she
  cannot hold you
        because she
             ♡has no♡

(C) 9/23/2016
it's been a long hard day
so I'm relaxing with creating some concrete poetry. It is supposed to be the shape of the actual statue of Venus de Milo.

i hope this comes out!

evenings are the only time I can read
or write anymore. I'm not ignoring
my responses here... i simply
don't have time! I'm sorry!

♡♡♡LOVE YOU ALL!!!♡♡♡


— The End —