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You rock in thousands shades of
  Vibrance and Vigour
Forget it not even for a while
Let's shades of grey go astray and
There is no time to be lagging behind
So the lyrics of life be rhymed in your
own unique flamboyant style
Let it be upside down,
A little bit wrong, take no worries
But live it enjoy it up to the brim
As long as you thrive!
☘I believe that everyone should live their life up to the brim they thrive for. Sporadically it's an understatement. But live in the moment, "live the way you love the way you live" that's what all matters.
Life ain't a Fidus Achates. Life can be insane sometimes and life consists of a plethora of chaos and dramatic clichés. **** 'em up and dulcify your life with your own creativity.☘

— The End —