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summer Jun 2018
The cold is more Bitter Sweet once you have no one to hold you ,Darkness creeps bringing me company as if I have called it

How do I reach into the emotions I once felt but now are bitter and Frozen. come rain or snow I will feel no more keep love at a distance it only bring thorns and cuts

My love for you was once as bright as a stars in the sky or the dew drop on the morning grass I would have crossed the hot coals of the burning

Or the Ferocious waves of the sea just to feel your breath linger on my skin. they say that the most passion of Love burn out quickly

But is there such a thing for such a feeling?  to burn dry? why do I see your smile when I close my eyes even if I no longer want to why must I hear your voice cry out to me

As if I needed to hear it, and maybe this is my eternal punishment to be haunted by your sorrow. yes now that I Ponder on these things I think that it must be

Is that the darkness I thought that kept me company or was it your Shadow along trying to protect me even after the pain I've caused you?

Maybe it's for the best to have you near but never being able to touch you, to feel your soul but not your skin one day who knows if I'll see you again

And if that comes to pass if that day happens will you greet me as an old friend or stranger that are just crossing paths?

Goodbye my sweetheart the one I let go it's for the best I confess so this truth to you that wherever you go I hope the very best for you
Dedicated to my true love.

— The End —