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DivineDao Jan 6
every Now & Then
assumptions Arise & Affirm

the Unavoidable
the Unpredictable
the Uncanny
the Unsophisticated

Notion : No Matter What We Do

Our Poems Are Prophecies
Some of s
r just being more Prophetic

Or Should We Exchange The Term "Prophetic"
With Visionaries~~~~~~++Intuitive Lunatics
Megan Kendall Jun 2015
Dear Sun, you are untouchable
And so am I
We build up shields so no one can reach us
And they never will.

We are who we are
Not a thing can change that
Everyone has their own ideas
Of who we are meant to be

Oh how they try
And try
And try
They can not control who we are inside

We are all souls
Roaming along as we compete to exist
Judging one another
Being judged ourselves

We are one in the same
At least this way

The faces
The emotions
The glares
The ridicule

The words
The hurt
All of this
Makes us the same

With you up in the sky
And with us both on the ground
We hear the same
Which makes us one in the same
Omar Kawash Jul 2014
Sterling eyes close the falling red ward
Big Brother has seen it all
He tells me: there is danger
Terror past the massive, all-protecting Atlantic

Don’t stray there, the mouth
of stumbling heads say,
They want to take away
Our safety, our ways, our Freedom

Mr. Elected reassures
Nothing will harm you
Not with me going there
I don’t want you going there

He speaks like my mom
Warning me of the illicits
I am too vulnerable to experience
It’s death I’ll go to- I’ve been told

Sleepless red monocular
Enlightening the air to a passive blue
It’s opacity beneath and above
Ascending again

Mama and Baba say it’s time to go home
I confront the arid peninsula of Qatar
Lungs accustomed, vitality not frozen
Precariously perceiving the harmful

Sentiments of years past in Jordan,
I wonder why
my kin would ban this place
Rumor on dirt pavement in a draft, ears picking up

The Atlantic is not to be crossed,
A lack of morals, malintentions
lay beyond the scape.

Extravagant grenade above,
Falling to the horizon

And no detonation, collapsing behind a curved veil
Skyward lay the remnants
Of heat, frozen in time
The lips in a box on this shoreside

Warn the zephyrs from the ornery
Reaches towards our home
Be on guard of the deceitful
star at night that rains red

Tomorrow may not be there
My blood brothers of Lebanon say,
But I wait, field of vision
aligned to the east

Aural stumbles translate, articulating
My brethren begin their search of food
And in too many moments unnoticed,
Black on bottom, red on the low, blue slowly suffocating the obscurity above

— The End —