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Erin Suurkoivu Nov 2016
Do you see what I see?
We have descended into the belly of the beast.

Houses crowd together, their dead eyes staring out.
They’ve sprung up overnight like

Ugly toadstools.
The machines on the hill are busy

Scraping away the old. By that I mean
What was there before,

A forest naturally,
And putting up these monstrosities instead.

It can’t be let well enough alone.
There are too many people and someone’s got to make a buck.

The world burns down to the filter.
We suffer the fevers of the dry needle people,

And are left with what has been
Torn out from under us.

Some privy chair propped us up with potions.
Dutiful pawns, riding the arcs they have fashioned,

They pay us a small ransom
To cull and sell their wares.

Simple sticks and carrots are not enough to wake us.
The damage thus wrought we pay no mind to –

Subdivisions, shopping malls, parking lots.
There are too many people and someone has to pay.
A "B side".
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Lit up like a firefly,
All that matters is if we see ya glow,
As I sit confused and wondering,
I just simply can never understand,
But I’ve never been fit for the rest of them.

I stand alone at this ledge of questioning,
I’ll never understand the so-called enlightening appeal,
But you’ll continue to get lit up like a firefly,
And feel righteous,
Christ, what have we done?

All I wanna do is write some words,
But I sometimes feel like nobody cares,
When they are too busy being lit up like a firefly,
Can they even remember themselves?
Christ, seriously, what have we done?

— The End —