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Leone Lamp Apr 2021
The tree sitter of Nantucket
Lived in a tree and he dug it
He never went down
To visit the ground
So he would **** in a bucket
I hope this is profane enough to represent the genre.
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
I've got a little black book, with my poems in it
I've got the wind to rock me to sleep
I've got a perpetually dying radio
That brings the news to me
I've got everything I need up in this tree
This tree I live in on my own
I've got books and **** and mobile phones
I've got a little two burner stove
I've got a bright new perspective
And every new day
I know that I'm not all alone
There are squirrels, and birds
And bugs up here
It feels like everybody is home.
Some reflections and an homage to Pink Floyd. My little sister once told me I'd have to leave that tree and face the real world someday. I dunno, the world felt pretty real to me while I was up there.
Reworked this a little bit, I think it's finally come around.
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
I invited the band, to make strawberry jam
On top of Strawberry Rock
They asked me "What time?"
I said "Be there by nine."
They arrived promptly at one o'clock
But once they began, the sea kissed the sand
And the music never stopped.
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
Wooden spoon, traveling along
A marvelous companion and friend
With knicks and chips and weathered bits
From all the places we've been
Wooden spoon, hand carved with love
Yet longing to be with the forest once more
Thus it fell, from my net
To the waiting forest floor
I lost quite a few things while living in a tree 100' above the ground. Just because things fall down doesn't mean they'll always be found. I was at a meeting, on someone's couch, when my hat fell off of my knee and my heart jumped.
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
A rock off the coast has no need to boast.
A rock off the coast just has to be.
There's no pressure, no stress, no need to impress.
It simply resides in the sea.
A wrote several poems while tree sitting in northern California. A handful of them weren't half bad. I'm going to post a few.

— The End —