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ok okay Mar 2021
Forever trapped and lost away
Her wings were broken and her heart turned grey
Forced without will
Her existence was a sin
It was not her fault
That she lost the light within
With no place to go
She only could wait
And hope that one day she would be saved
One of my fav TV show and characters
hydonni Apr 2020
We are the true Gem Fusion.

**** Garnet.
brandy hall Apr 2018
A show I once thought would be just another feel good show...
I was wrong, so wrong
It has so many songs & feels
It's made me feel emotions I never knew existed
It's made me laugh & cry & sing & dance all at once
It has inspired, some times even driven me
It has become one of my favorites
So yeah if you haven't watched this show you should

— The End —