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Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
Man is born small,
But soon he will grow tall,
To tell the world about his dream,
And learn to live life to the brim.

He'll live a fleeting life,
But it will be full and bright,
Soon he'll find the love of his life,
Time will pass and he'll grow wise and right.

Soon he'll have children to grow,
And he'll remember the days of his youth,
Yet he's stopped growing now,
That is the truth.

Now it's a race against time,
The sands are slipping
His hair grows white,
And his bones are creaking.

Soon he'll be weak and old,
But he's lived a life to be told,
Youth is now a far-off memory,
Something that he will bury.
Asia Feb 2019
You were a comet,
Your eyes shone like embers
Your smile took me over, and
left this heart all but still.

I watched as you flew by,
through the glass of a window
Every night I would find you
like a light guiding me home.

My hands couldn't reach you,
but your soul held me tight
Might I lay here in this warmth,  and
Listen close to the words you recite?

But yet you are a comet,
You cannot stay for long
the second I think I've caught you,
the moment I realise you're gone..
Ill be honest, I got inspired to write this after re-watching all the scenes between Allura and Lance (Voltron). Yes I know, I love making myself suffer xD but I can't get over that final episode. I have a serious love hate relationship with it atm! Allura and Lance deserved betterrrrr, But oh well, all in all it was a beautiful ending and it was heartwarming to see the team move on and find happiness ( Also, can I get a cheer for SHIRO here!! YOU MARRY THAT MAN BOY <3333 , You deserve ittt)
Okay okay thats all, anyway hope you enjoy it and if you know anything about Voltron , than I hope this poem did it justice... :))

— The End —