They try to make an impression.
They try to make a splash,
No matter how hard they try,
They don't compare with Her.

sexy distraction
from a nation that's crumbling
theocrats hate her
exposing inspiration
please write a poem about me

Brent Kincaid Dec 2016

If you asked if I would skinny dip
You would have hit it on the nose.
But that was back when I was still
Rather attractive without clothes.
Now I don’t go around naked
As long as it is in my power.
I’ve gotten so fat and wrinkly
I wear undies even in the shower.

I’m not kidding around a bit
When I talk about this aging stuff.
I not only don’t look so sexy
When I walk around in the buff,
There are certain types of clothes
I do much better to avoid wearing;
Me in sweat pants or leggings
Is not a sight I enjoy sharing.

I’ve begun to look a bit like
Laundry that is not quite dry.
I’m not much surprised by this
Because I understand why.
I have been around a long time
And have enjoyed my ice cream
But it makes one into a pudding
And makes other people scream.

It’s just not a good idea these days
To show of what time has done.
There are such things as hotties
But I know for sure I am not one.
You know those Botox babies
You see on the Hallmark Channel?
Notice how they don’t look like
Their faces are made of flannel?

Well, I’m not into all that stuff,
That reconstructive surgery.
I don’t expect to look today
Like an escapee from a nursery.
I just make wardrobe choices well
Bearing my current self in mind.
I look upon some of it as wise
And some of it as me being kind.

Women of exceptional beauty
Use their looks to achieve their goals in life,
But women who don't feel beautiful
Don't really care
To try to charm men

Some girls are just
They'll never fit the Corporate Mold,
They're just the way
Nature meant them to be

She wasn’t interested
In being a heroine.
She wasn’t interested
In being anyone’s savior
She just wanted to be

— The End —