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Faith is not based on
It's based on love
And a sound mind ..
I thank God for the gift of discernment
It gives you great insight
Able to see what is true /false.
Able to test the spirit .
Of doctince .
God isn't  a spirit of fear but of a sound mind
Perfect ;Love casts out fear. .
in a cozy nest*
the sect of snakes
did reside
with the chief asp
holding a strong

none would ever move
until he gave an okay
to defy his edicts they'd
be thrown out of the shay

an uncomfortable position
the servile vipers were in
each of them had disclosed
secrets to the overlord's ear tin

after a time the snug abode
imploded on the leader of the sect
the underlings obtained some smarts
*and wouldn't willingly genuflect

— The End —