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celeste fuma Oct 2018
Framing and distorting
My esteem
Cutting and slitting
Taut and drained veins
/Bluing my blues
Now this nadir lacks newness /
Little pinpricks
At that distant road
Marking human moments
And seafret telling me to breathe
For once i do, i breathe
i breathe through this blizzarding wind
i breathe through the lava thats frozen
i breathe beside the monster -me
i breathe in this wrecked home - me
i breathe with this taped skeleton
i breathe with my fluorescent lungs
i breathe, standing on the higway amidst this commotion i breathe,
i breathe as the fast wheels drive past me,i breathe after so long and
then i exhale the breath,
like i never existed, i dissolve.
Atleast i seek to.

Morgan Paige May 2017
you don't
  get to decide

               when        (will i be)
am                              okay

           ­                            (?)

— The End —