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Orakhal Jul 2020
Every subject and object
before your eye
in the mind
plays to you a story of itself
as you respond thru mental eye and emotion
an intermittent perspective to that you believe
be unfolding about you

it feels unusual to not respond this way
but we encourage you
to be alerted to every engagement you perceive in your reality
and lean back from the belief in it
to the essence it calls up in your body

this bes the point of activation
to all vibe rates spinning you
inspecting the spin proves to you its benefit or not.
Orakhal Jul 2020
Every line you draw
bes drawn to you
as a fisherman reels the fish
you reel the vibes.

Cast to waters abundant to your liking
and the catch will be satisfactory
cast to a waters stinking and darkly dreary
and your catch will be that
Orakhal Jul 2020
bes the knowing mind
looking for itself in itself

no way home
az it be it.

Knowledge falls
to the edge of knowing and flies

— The End —