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Hold it in
                                                                   cut clean the vitals

How I see a simple procedure going wrong is the anxiety of the believer. The Optimist that fears the pessimistic balance. True lovers of the art.


                                                                  sedation equals Meditation
Minds wander when watching the reflection of ever moving sound and light through the world of water.

                               Sip the air in
                                                      Release the third eyes tears

A figure of speech. Or a meaning that only the experienced can speak for? But nothing is trivial in the pursuit and may it suit you so.

                                                      DOnot BlinK

Digging holes to sleep in

There is a goal of destruction. Caused either by thy self or the weight out on thy self by others. However this weight becomes lighter as I become stronger in bearing it.  Should it ever be cast off I fear I would not exist.

                                                                                Let the music in
                     Silhouettes are my truth

But now the doubt has been raised... The Cave men will now question their Gods. The banished becomes a Martyr of everyones self doubt.

                                                                                                             Meet the eyes of your maker

                                                                        Blind, Deft, Paralyzed

You can find them. I have them. Everyone and almost everything does. look deep, drink the knowledge and use it to cure. Become the knife to the weave of time and free our paths.

                                 Become a monster

when getting hijacked in your car, drive into a large object fast, all the while stare at aggressor silently

A Monster is a matter of opinion. But I digress that it should be questioned whether or not humans can be monsters and no longer humans. To add someone who becomes a monster may never have the chance to become human. The odds are stacked against humans.

                                                                   laugh in our beds for our sins
                                                                Hard Rock Balled
I don't mind good and evil. I don't much care for what they are. Experiencing them I care about.

               Time fractals across the Insomniac Ramblers body
                                Criticize, Critique, Commit

Dream for others. Imagine the unknown. Believe in oneself.
I would appreciate random life insights, words, phrases, etc... from you hello poetry and I will edit accordingly      o.O

— The End —