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Icarus Fray Jan 2017
Hearts are wild, reckless, and always unpredictable

     They're the monsters we've feared when we were still young and gullible

     Yes, it hasn't been proven even though we've lived for ages

But answer me this,
       why are our ribs cages?
May 14, 2016
This was inspired by the song Creatures by Shannon Saunders
Icarus Fray Jan 2017
You listen to my silence the same way someone else would with my words

     You feel the gravity of my absence in ways I thought no one had ever felt my presence


I thought I was a part of you as much a you are of me
And all of that was proven wrong when I watched you leave


You left a hole in my heart, in my soul, and in my life
When you decided it be better to bid me good bye
May 11, 2016
Icarus Fray Jan 2017
Love is a lot like smoking

Some people
find their peace with it

Some people
  die because of it
April 14, 2015
Icarus Fray Jan 2017
I've always felt like rain or snow

People seem to admire the way I fall
January 18, 2015
Icarus Fray Jan 2017
I've always felt like rain or snow

People seem to admire the way I fall
January 18, 2015
Icarus Fray Jan 2017
Would you still hold my hand if you knew about the pills that I have to take so I can control my anger to not break it?

Would you still eat with me at lunch if you knew I had to wash an apple ten times for me to get through eating it?

Would you till laugh at my jokes if you knew that years ago I thought my life was a punch line waiting to end?

Would you still be my friend if you knew that I don't hide from my demons,
I just hide them from everyone else.
January 15, 2016
Icarus Fray Jan 2017
"Honey, you're a boy.
You can't play with your sisters."
My mom said
As she makes me play alone
Because making sure a boy doesn't play with a Barbie is better than making sure he actually plays at all.

"Come on. Take it like a man."
My 6th grade classmate said
As he shoves me on my desk
Because I ****** at our basketball match that I didn't even want to take part of.
When my friend asked the teacher to stop my bully
She looked up from her book and said
"Boys will be boys. They'll be laughing it out later on"
But I didn't laugh. I haven't for a while

"You're a young man now. And young men don't cry"
My dad said
As he puts an ice over my bruised up eye
Maybe I should tell him that I'm not crying because it hurts
I'm crying because I have to go to school with the ones who did it
But I didn't. He'll just tell me to be tough again.

"Come on, you're a guy. Shouldn't you be out on a Friday night?"
My dad asked
As he grabbed the book that I'm reading and force me to go out with my "friends" that he didn't know I don't have.

"Seriously? Oh my god you are such a guy."
My sister said as I turned down her offer to shop at the mall
I really just didn't want to do anything
But hey, at least now I'm a boy.

"It's like being in a relationship with a robot. And quite frankly. I'm done"
My girlfriend,
I mean ex girlfriend,
say as she slams the door on her way out of my room
What if I told her I was just so used to it
Not letting my emotion out
Be tough
But she wouldn't understand
I'm not really sure if I even do understand.

"Come on. You're a guy right? You like this."
The random girl I met at this party said
As she pushed me down on the bed and starts unbuttoning my shirt
I don't want to
I wanna say
But I didn't
Because she was right
I'm a guy
I like this
I should like this

But I don't

"Why don't you try to get along with your sisters? They're your sisters for crying out loud!"
My mom said as she washes the dishes
Maybe because I never had the chance to be close to them
To actually get to know them
I want to say
I wanted to yell

But I never did

Because guys don't rant to their moms.

Guys should love *** and they can never get enough.

Guys shouldn't talk about their feelings.

Boys will be boys
May 26, 2016

— The End —