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voiDce Aug 2017
there are flavors that you never forget,


soft with straight edges,
chemical and burning
bright white like waking up for the first time--
making a home in the back of your throat,

through your nose,
in your teeth,
on your gums,
behind your eyes.

there are flavors that you never forget.
three years, but i can still taste it
voiDce May 2017
in every dark and dusty corner, ive made my bed

the spider on the wall is a chirpy diner waitress who welcomes me back and asks if i want the usual

ive dragged damp, sweaty, and tear-soaked fingers across every misplaced and forgotten possession

like a child before God, i look to the mismatched socks and ask if they remember what it felt like to be part of a pair

i can see in the dark

i try to make sense of the texture of the wall and the way the clothes sway back and forth from their hangers despite the stifling, stale air

the humidity is like a scarf sliding off its hook and winding tight around my neck

the water in my breath boils until i can smell my tongue melting

i choke on decades-old dust that tastes like all the secrets i wish i didnt have to hide

every horrible, lonely thought i used to pretend could not reach my heart is deafening

i am the only thing that breathes

i have no name and no face

is the only place where i am safe
voiDce Jun 2017
when the sun’s gone down to make space for the moon
i entertain fantasies where you and i are together

in my dreams
we never feel like two ill-fitting puzzle pieces
still desperately trying to make a picture

i know i love you
but i can never tell if it’s the right kind of love
the one we sing and write and dance for

and i know you love me too
but i’m so scared i’ll use the wrong type of glue
and snap our brittle hands where they touch

in the end i won’t move
but neither will you
because even on our best days

(when i can hear your heartbeat)
(when you smile and it makes the world a brighter place)
(when you’re alight with rage and passion and hot to the touch)

i’m sure you know
that sometimes you just have to leave a puzzle alone
‘til you know what to do with the pieces

— The End —