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Place for a cry
Pretentious love
Young love articulating itself
Mostly teens having disorders and inadequacy
Heartbroken subordinates
Finding their peace in mythic love narratives
And thats not for me to judge
But as one sassed mouth boy said
"If you listen to katy perry's lyrics for wisdom , then **** yourself "
Has it became an escape for you ?
Maybe just a brief time for deep contemplation
Having hope in sprinkles
Whatever helps i guess.....
Another kind of a drug i guess.....
I hate that one has to add hashtags at last of their poetry
very very formal and pretentious
Arcassin B Feb 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Don't come to my messages,
Explaining to me what you just wrote,
Somebody did that to me last night,
I was drinking water and I choked,
I choke because its worthless,
I choke because I don't have to if I don't want to,
Like your stupid *** poem,
I never go around to show em,
That's make you a lame poet.
Don't know em,
You wanna hear about what I got going on,
So you copy em,
Slick shots keep getting thrown,
I don't **** wit em.

— The End —