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Ajey Pai K Feb 2016
I wonder sometimes, what would happen to those pictures of ours which we uploaded a long time ago?

What would happen to them when they have got all their likes and entertained all their comments?

What would happen to those pictures which would remain unseen for a generation?

What would happen to those pictures with real smiles when they remain lonely in a corner of the internet?

What would, indeed happen to those pictures which cannot speak but shout out a thousand words of feelings?

And what would happen to that person in the picture after long time of its uploading?

What would happen to that smile which seemed so radiant in the picture and what would happen to it now?

When a picture serves memory, it serves us purpose. Of relief and of aspiration. Of happiness and of freedom.

When pictures show smiles, it shows the version of the person that we are, deep down in our minds. The person we would seldom become in our real life.

If pictures could speak, they would only like us to be happy as we were at the time when it was clicked: forever.

Only if we were as happy as we look in our pictures.
wake up to a new world and realize that happiness isn't an illusion

— The End —