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Dwarde Ozadal Feb 2017
Shakespeare's rhymes sing of a beautiful time
Talk of beauty forever enlosed in his lines
How I wish I had the skill
To immortalize your elegance through my electronic quill
To be like the old masters of the art
To write everything on paper straight from their heart
But I fear I possess the level of skill for that kind of art
For I am a simple man and simple words are the weapons I wield
christine May 2015
I am really sorry for my late submission
I will skip the part where I tell you my excuse
which you will most probably not believe

my excuses are invalid anyway
in this educational system
and ****** up conventions

I am hoping for your kind consideration
I worked on it with the tiny strand of inspiration I found
applying the ever reliable art of cramming
I would love to never see you again
because I passed your class

let my last words be
everything is ******* except you, sir

— The End —