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Lizley Feb 13


are little stars
As they watch over as you walk at night;
Guide each step you make
and smile when you take a glimpse of the skies
Lucky are pouring tears
As they caress your cheeks and feel your warmth;
They're your sunshine, fire and storm—
The fragments you keep inside your beating heart
Lucky are silly jokes
As they make you blush and laugh out loud;
Making your eyes smile—
For a second at least, you're free from this world
Lucky are love songs
As they touch your lips whenever you sing;
They are the words you want
to say and to feel, to you they mean a thing

     To be the skies;
     To be inside your heart;
     To be a huge part of your world;
     To mean a thing;

Oh lucky are these lines
as they breathe out that, which I keep inside of me—
A letter, a scream, a poem;
How I wish for nothing great but just To be

truly yours,

© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
A letter for my Valentine.

— The End —