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Pretty pea pod prime
Tender green leaves and tendrils
Climb up to sunshine
Have we all turned into a robot society
Like zombies drifting in and out of consciousness.
I was trying to write a poem I couldn't think how to string the meanfull words. I decided on a quote. In fews words
Charles Campbell Jan 2018
At this point are we even shocked,
eating tide pods became a sensation in hours on the clock.
please don't eat the forbidden fruit,
else we'll have to burry you in your suit.
all because you ate tide pods,
of all of the detergents this one is a little odd.
please don't e-eat th-t-the p-po-pp-pods

But wait, whats that?
is that what I think it is?

a tide pod.

I can't eat it right? I won't eat it... right?

Well.. how I can't let it go to waste right? That would be bad....
It looks so enticing,
"Just one bite" it seems to say.
I can't; I won't. But the temptation.....
I have to; I must.

Alas, the time has come for me to finally face the problem head on.

I shall eat the tide pod
on a real not this is a joke and seriously don't eat tide pods
ryn Oct 2014
Escape pods*
Ferried fears
  Gaping heart
   Falling tears
    Dishevelled mind
     Emotional unrest
    Watered ground
    Familiar guest
   Questioned answers
  Unanswered questions
  Glassy eyes
   Increased tension
    Dissipating hope
     Chewed confidence
    Broken spirit
   Unwelcomed sentence
  Failing health
Unstable mind
Choked fingers
Flying blind
 Pathetic plea
  Stretched thin
    Battered insides
     Uncomfortable skin
      Eventual stop
       Frightful frights
        Perceived freedom
         Within sight
        Bruised being
     Absent gods
    Relying upon
Escape pods
Don't ask...I don't even know...

— The End —