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Kailey Jones Dec 2019
Where do I go when I die?
And where is a young pet
how will I know if I never
test out this question

Do I need to run until my
Heart gives out while I get chased
By a dog
If we go and stop at the same time
Will we both fall?, Together?
Will we go to the same place?
Then will I know?
Would I have any recollection
Of why I did it at first…
But after all this running, don’t know if it’d  suffice
I might fall from thirst
And give up the device
Of my mind?
If I die, if I’m to fall it’s such a waste
Just to solve a simple question
I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk
If I’m right or wrong
I wish I could float off in space in a bubble of energy and travel twice the speed of light,
and what if that’s better than heaven but definitely better than hell
oh, I wonder what I become when I die
Idk what notes is

— The End —