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When I go back more then a decade to the thought of my feelings in that exact moment of ulamite knowing of how much love I have for you. It takes me back as it slowly brakes me down, into this lovely moment

As I try to ignore this feeling in my face, as if the realizations is a relapse. The feeling painfully manifests in my nose as the pressure releases and I accept it all over again  the warm wet feelings slowly move down my face, into my  own comforting bitter sweet tears.

It is always within me even with his lack of presence. The love is still here.
Still feel his kiss on my face from the last time I saw him
Marii Jul 2019
Your eyes met hers after having traveled distant countries and having seen different shores

'do you know her?' friends ask.

And you recall her once taking you to a parking lot under the moon to listen to music in the car.
You think of the time she decided to walk you to the shops in the budding storm.

You think of how odd she was,
How you have always been intrigued by it,
How much you loved her.

But she is a headfuck
and you wanted to get away before you could get messed up.
Before SHE could mess you up.

'used to' you tell them.

— The End —