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Ernans Tan Jun 2017
This night is known to be sad
But really I am so glad
For every drop is a reminder
Of how lucky I am we’re together

Drops of rain follow the beat
Of my heart that lifts my feet
A million times, it can defeat
The loud thunder that sky greet

It’s loud, I fear my own heart
When you became such a big part
Of my life that I want to restart
To assure nothing will tear us apart

Oh but there are many things that I fear
Like the lightning I can hear
Reminding me of the spark we made
That I wish forever will never fade

Yes, I am in love with the rain
For it’s my drug to cure the pain
It washes away all of my fears
And oddly enough, even my tears

But I’m afraid, of what can be
The rain turn sunny it will be
So please, help me transform
Our years to an endless storm
Ernans Tan Jun 2017
Monday’s gloomy start

To a week, seeking your heart

The pain, needle dart

Tuesday bit draggy

But a few hours a day

And I am happy

Wednesday’s intimate

The turn ons’ legitimate

Proven passionate

Thursday’s a vision

To what would be tomorrow

Years without sorrow

Finally Friday

So the melancholy sway

Away, when you stay
Ernans Tan Jun 2017
I write this as I keep thinking

The thought is frightening

The happening of the worst

Because losing you will hurt

I’m not letting that happen

Not when I have fallen

Deep in the bottomless abyss

From every second we kiss

Not going down without a fight

Struggling through endless night

When I pray to be by your side

I sleep, a tear, empty inside

I need a good reason to fly

So look me straight in the eye

Under the thousand sparkled sky

You’ll never let go saying goodbye

— The End —