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Aug 2020
How do you think the circle evolves and reaches each destination without a glitch
A fair story of how the snake lizard always gets its way without encountering a glitch.

Gesturing winds sounds a fair warning to the lousy four leg roach in a familiar way
Waiting for a strike makes it salivate exposing the purpose it came along the way.

A single cry and the roach is within grasp enjoying a journey of no return
The hungry predator is never full and you can be sure to meet it on your next turn.
Once you see things from a different perspective. Things Start becoming more clearer. Life itself is a lone race and the way we progress is basically how much we can absorb along the way.
So once you take a fresh air to imagine a new dimension remember what never seems to leave our sight which is death.⚰️
Written by
Mark kenny  27/M/Nigeria
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