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Claudia Darian Jan 2018
For Nick Cave

I have been told that frozen hearts cannot love
I have taught that frozen hearts cannot be melted
Inside there is only a muscle
not moved by emotions
A muscle cannot not recognize love
Is tight and tense
Protecting the owner from unknown dangers
Subtly induced by affection and tenderness
It must remain untouched and hard
For all frozen hearts are damaged.

You had a bad teacher, she said
A really bad teacher
For learning you only to avoid life with steel stillness
Unknowgly condemning you to remain a prisoner
In an open and vast prison, where there is no aliveness
This sterile landscape of nothingness
Where all frozen hearts are damaged.

You had a really bad teacher, my darling,
She said
for all frozen hearts are damaged and broken
In pieces that hurt
And carry their pain inside your tight muscle

Maybe love is an illusion, my darling,
But it is the most beautiful at all.
All frozen hearts are damaged, my darling
And yours is the most frozen of all.
Inspired by life, Nick Cave and P J Harvey
Gabriel K Feb 2016
Let me not to the marriage of Katie
Hellkvist and me admit impediments
e.g. her boyfriend it’s complicatey
a smug **** wannabe, irrelevant

to me no he is immaterial
I want you so bad I would roast you *****
you’re a special spirit ethereal
I gotta chubby thinking about it

thy cherry lips and smudged eye make-up like
that Goth guy in The Cure Nick Cave maybe
sturdy face infectious laugh raven eyen
like Whitney truth I Will Always Love thee

If this be false and upon me prov’d
I never Facebook stalked nor ever lov’d

— The End —