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emeraldine087 Jul 2013
It’s as if I swallowed more than I can chew.
Or sunk deeper than I can swim.
Or inhaled further than I breathe.

Fingers like a vice
Squeezing mercilessly
Cutting out the air,
the throb of the pulse,
the life.

The eyes can only stay open
For so long, as the breath drains.

It’s as if my head
Is about to explode.
Or implode.
Or maybe there won’t be
So much drama.
Just a candle’s feeble light
Getting snuffed by a sudden gust.
And that it’s over before
I’m even aware that I’m dead.

Life’s fingers can be
So cruel sometimes.
Indiscriminate in its grip.

I can’t blame suicides
When they so desire
To escape life’s hold.

I doubt if anyone can smile,
Or laugh,
Or revel
And choke at the same time.

— The End —