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Naiilang ako sayo
Wag mo akong tingnan sa mata!
Takot na takot na ang puso
Sayo ba'y muling aasa?
Natataranta itong isip
Nais ko na munang maidlip
Ngunit sa aking pag gising,
Ramdam ko pa rin  ang pagkalasing
Sabihin mo nga!
Ilang bote pa ba ng GIN?
Riley Schatz Jul 2015
but i love you
i love you


why does that word invoke
so much emotion
so much pain and joy and


to love is, by definition,
to feel an attachment to.

So if I said that I loved you,
If you said you loved me back,
does that mean we're attached?

Legend has it that a red string is tied
around the ankle of one
and that it travels
underfoot and over fences
to another, where it is tied as well
but i guess the string can break

i hope that mine is a vibrant scarlet
and that it is strong and flexible
and that red string will lead me to the person
that i can say
i love you to and hear
i love you too stated honestly
because to love

to love

would be a great adventure.
A poem that was featured in my high school's lit mag

— The End —