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Jul 2015
but i love you
i love you


why does that word invoke
so much emotion
so much pain and joy and


to love is, by definition,
to feel an attachment to.

So if I said that I loved you,
If you said you loved me back,
does that mean we're attached?

Legend has it that a red string is tied
around the ankle of one
and that it travels
underfoot and over fences
to another, where it is tied as well
but i guess the string can break

i hope that mine is a vibrant scarlet
and that it is strong and flexible
and that red string will lead me to the person
that i can say
i love you to and hear
i love you too stated honestly
because to love

to love

would be a great adventure.
A poem that was featured in my high school's lit mag
Riley Schatz
Written by
Riley Schatz  Asheville
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